Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adehh Sa'eed

Tried to teach him numbers today. Started with one, two, three by using my fingers. He got 'one' right away, but 'two' susah sikit since he couldn't manipulate his pudgy fingers to do the peace sign (two la tu)

The I proceeded to show him..Sa'eed you have two hands. Sa'eed, you have one nose.

Ploop...masukkan jari dalam lubang hidung....*adehh*

Ok la, nevermind. Then I asked him...Sa'eed, one macam mana? He pointed with one finger to the sky (smart boy). But then he got smarter and used both hands. Bila both hands dah point to the sky, apa lagi, jadi pop yeh yeh la...and he started to prance around. *adehh*