Monday, June 14, 2010

A picture is worth...some words

While looking at the above picture on my phone...

Sa'eed: Ummi...adik marah

Ummi: Adik marah siapa?

Sa'eed: Adik marah Sa'eed....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When is enough really enough?

Hmm…I'm beginning to like writing from Microsoft Word. I think the idea flows better because I'm not constricted to the little itty bitty box in the blogger dashboard. Plus, I think I type faster too when I use Word…heh…perasaan je kot.

Anyways, work is kinda laid back this week because so many people are out of the office. Nak buat kerja pun terbantut. As I'm skimming thru random people's blog, ideas for my own blog start to appear. I can update you guys on every minute detail of my life and my children's life. But I don't think I'll ever get to that level. Not that I don't want too…but some things ought to be private. It really surprises me how some people can divulge so much un-needed information of their life on their blog. I make exceptions for updates on babies and toddlers, because even updating on their first poop is cute!

Oh I digress…there are blogs out there of people showing every single item they bought on their shopping sprees. And of course these people aren't the people who shop at Tesco, amik gambar sayur utk update. But these people are probably the socialites…their guilty pleasures are the Chanels, Guccis and Ferragamos (mine is a simple RM1 cone ice cream from McD). It's nice to see that people can afford those things (which then answer my question to who in the world shops at designer boutiques in KLCC?). But as I look through what they buy, I thought…when is enough really enough?

Some people survive on less than RM1000 a month and they are fine and dandy. Their kids go to school, they have enough to eat…in other words, they're content. Then there are people who claim to not have any money even when they earn RM8000 a month…and they don't even have kids! I've also seen blogs of people earning upwards of RM20,000 through MLM, with their car funds and free vacations etc. Sapa tak jeles memang weng la…but then again…when is enough really enough?

I don't want to be poor, but I don't want to be rich either. I think content is what I'm looking for. Am I contented? Alhamdulillah so far so good. We can afford some of the nice things, even though we cut back on things like eating out, but when we do really eat out, it's probably something we can appreciate more. Sometimes we treat our families for dinner…and that's always nice because dah berapa kali our parents treat us for breakfast, lunch or dinner kan…We have one car for the family, and that's enough…although with 3 kids in kids, it is expected kena squeeze squeeze sikit. But I don't think we need an MPV or a bigger car.

But really, what is my point? I guess I don't really have a point. I'm just thinking and writing. Think about it. You might make a million bucks today and can afford all the ridiculously nice things in life. No one's stopping you to earn that million bucks. But what values are you teaching your kids? How long will that million bucks last? What happens if it's no longer there? Heh…macam intro org jual insurance tak?

To Sa'eed and 'Aatikah (and future siblings insyaAllah)…don't expect to get a free ride in life. Spend on necessities and don't be bothered with designer items etc. They're nice to have, but you don't need it to survive. And dream on if you expect your parents to fund everything for you. Loan boleh.

Sa’eed the Teacher

If they're not fighting over something, Sa'eed and 'Aatikah can be good friends. And recently Sa'eed started to 'teach' 'Aatikah random things. Once at their grandparents' house, Sa'eed was teaching 'Aatikah the word 'ice-cream'.


'Aatikah: keeem


'Aatikah: keeeeeeem

Sa'eed: ICE-CREAM nah (lah)…bukan uncle hakeeeem

'Aatikah: keeeeem

And then yesterday, Sa'eed was showing how to put the animals printed on velcro onto his brand new book.

Sa'eed: Ni colour apa? Reddd

'Aatikah: eddddd…- while trying to stick the velcro thing onto the page

Sa'eed: Bukan letak samtu (camtu), seni nah (camni lah) – and shows 'Aatikah how to do it

And 'Aatikah willingly obliges.

Sometimes Sa'eed will think he knows what's best for his sister. Last night I made a small cup of milo for the both of them. Sa'eed is usually contented with one cup, but 'Aatikah sometimes likes to have more. So she would come find me in the kitchen and ask for more. Sa'eed will then follow her from behind…

'Aatikah: Nak agi – while handing the cup to me

Sa'eed: Ummi…dah sukup (cukup) kan…kan…kan…ummi…sukup kan satu…adik tak payah!

And the latest word that Sa'eed thought 'Aatikah is GOM-MOK (gemuk)….haiyaaa..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The night visitors

Last Sunday night, Rizal and his crew came over to maktok's house for a visit. So, it was him, Nafisah, Adam, Imran, Daniel and the maid. Add myself, Mr Hubby, maktok, Sa'eed and 'Aatikah and you get yourself 6 adults, 5 toddlers plus 1 (ke 2?) yet to be born babies. The adults as usual were sitting around talking and getting updated with the latest news and gossips. And the kids…oh the kids! They played and played and played till everyone was nice and sweaty. See…kids CAN get exercise indoors too.

I think that night the kids' names were called every other second because they were either fighting over toys, jumping to close to Daniel or wrestling too hard. Imagine Adam and Sa'eed wrestling! Hahaha…if you don't know Adam, he's a tall and big 4 year old boy (as the majority of my side of the family was once upon a time) and Sa'eed is this tall and skinny 3 year old boy (some of the luckier ones on my side of the family were like Sa'eed). But it was all good fun…no one was pushed to the ground and no one got a smack down…so it's all good. Plus, it's good for Sa'eed…builds character! Of course sometimes it might get out of hand and we'd tell them to calm down and take a breather.

At one point Sa'eed and Imran was climbing and jumping off the sofa and 'Aatikah wanted to join in. The maid put some cushions on the floor so that no one got hurt. But this 'Aatikah is too gung ho and ended up landing head first. She looked like someone diving into a pool. I held my breath, waiting to see what happens next. While picking herself up, she was laughing non-stop like that was the best thing that ever happened to her. Of course she went ahead and climbed the chair again.

Daniel the cutie pie was mostly minding his own business and amused himself with whatever toys he could get. He was contented playing on his own, but once or twice he cried because someone accidentally stepped on him. 'Aatikah played with him for a while, but I guess she wanted to play with the big boys. Sometimes it got quite petrifying to see this little girl trying her might to fight for toys with them or to join them in playing gaduh-gaduh.

The more popular toys that night were the ride-ons and a multicoloured train. Everyone would want it if someone was holding it. But no one wanted to play with it if it was sitting there on its own…until someone comes to play with it. So fights mostly revolved around those things.

I think the kids gelled well together because Adam even asked permission from his mommy to keep Sa'eed…haha. The night ended with a bang…literally, coz the front door slammed on Imran's itty bitty fingers when they left. So kesian, he cried his eyes out.

All in all…you guys should come more often!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Potty training....

Me: Sa'eed, ummi nak pergi toilet kejap ok.

Sa'eed: Ummi, Sa'eed nak kencing.

Me: Ok jom...

Put him on the toilet bowl and wait for him to do his business...

Sa'eed starts huffing and puffing and groaning

Sa'eed: Ala....tak de kencing lah.

*slap forehead*

All in all, I think he's getting better at peeing in the toilet. But the #2 part is proving to be a bit more difficult. I have a feeling he waits to be diapered at night to poop. Haiya, bila la nak berani to leave him diaperless at night??

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last week was awesome. Filled with celebrations and family get togethers.

On Tuesday we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday at Subak, Sg Penchala. The food was ok, but nothing to shout about. Then on Thursday we went to Ruz Aladdin for a surprise dinner for my was a surprise alright!

Then on Saturday we went to Ancasa Suites in PD and stayed there for a night. I totally loved the place...although I couldn't do any activities. But I think we should go there again so that I can go jet skiing and banana boat-ing. The crew initially wanted to try out the banana boat, but it rained after breakfast, so the gals plus my father-in-law went karaokeing. Sa'eed and 'Aatikah went there too, but I took 'Aatikah up after a while because she started to act up. And I was told that Sa'eed eventually slept through the karaoke session....gila hebat...dengan suara sumbang2 pun boleh tido...haha.

On another note, 'Aatikah's eczema is acting up. I think it was the seafood in PD. Currently I'm using Efficort on the more serious spots and Ezerra on the not so serious spots. Yesterday she wasn't scratching like crazy anymore, but we'll see.

Sa'eed on the other hand is a bit degil nak pee in the toilet. Yesterday I saw that he was fidgeting around, keeping his pee in. Even when I asked whether he wanted to pee, he said no. I offered to carry him to the bathroom, and he said no. Before sleeping, I said to him, you'd better go to the bathroom, and he said no. I dragged him there and he started crying and he didn't want to pull his pants down. While crying, of course la terbabas and he started peeing on the bathroom floor....and it was a lot too!

Right after that he was all smiley and I asked, next time kencing kat mana? Toilet, came his reply. Pandai pun! But I have no idea why he refused earlier on.

Aaah....what a weak time no time!