Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PD Trip

Took a day off on Friday to go to PD for the weekend with the whole clan. We stayed at Legend Water Chalets, but in the main building. To note, the beach there is not that awesome.

Some things that we did include swimming in the sea and pool, visited a mini zoo and visited the ostrich farm (I think my grammar is all over the place in this sentence, sorry makngah. But can you see this sentence? hehehe). But one thing, PD got so banyak lalat....so annoying. Anyways, no time to write a long entry on the trip. Here are some photos.

Sa'eed and his Atok in the sea

Sa'eed, Idraki and their Grandmommy

Sa'eed showing how it's done to Idraki...heh

Overexcited Sa'eed getting into the pool by himself

In the room

At the Ostrich Farm...Had to hold on to the boy, kalau tak habis telinga rabbit kena tarik

Having breakfast. Sa'eed was fascinated by the cars whizzing by.

Sa'eed clearly bored by our conversation

All pictures credited to Idraki's mommy.

Forgot to add in these pictures of Sa'eed after the swimming session in the pool. So the very cute! hehehe

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Boy and His Aunt

Sa'eed with his Aunt Rumaisa...nampak mcm
budak besar dan matang kan? (Sa'eed, not Rumaisa...heh)

Last Sunday we went to send Rumaisa off to the States. She'll be there for 3 years (kalau tak kena extend la...). The flight was at 3ish pm, but J*P*A forced them to go through the gates by 1.30 pm. Why? I pun tak paham. All they get to do inside is sit around, wait and be constantly reminded of their family who waved them away at the gates. And plus, one J*P*A officer was there to escort them till they reached Purdue. Kayanye J*P*A nih.

I remembered when the 10 of us first went off to the States, they just kinda let us go. Bye-bye, see ya, don't get lost. We survived, although we got the shock of our lives when we found out a slice of cheese pizza at the airport was USD2 something. That was like RM8! Yeah, we were still converting USD to RM when we were there. But when we came back to the motherland and converted RM to USD, it was heaven! Beli beli! Murah aje ni!

Oh ya....today is 20082008. Nothing significant (ooops lupa pulak...birthday Cik Odah :D). Just thought it looked nice. Hmm...I wonder if we can afford to make a trip out to the States while Rumaisa is there. Heh, but I think hubs and I would rather go to the East Coast coz that was where we went to university. And of course it's more happening than the m i d w e s t where the corn and cow farms are....But don't get me wrong. I loved it in Bloomington, Indiana while I was there for a year. Yupp...but the East Coast is where DC, Manhattan, Jersey and Baahs-taan are. Not forgetting Delaware where you can go shopping tax free...hehe.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Congratulations to Amir & Fatin on their wedding this past Saturday. It was a very simple event and the cake was yummy, just as it should be :) Wanted to bring Sa'eed along, but he just woke up when we went to the nikah and he fell asleep exactly when we were ready to leave for the reception.

But can you believe it, as we were leaving the hall at around 4.30, there was this old guy peeing outside the hall!!

First bloody incident
On Sunday, when Sa'eed tengah membongkar, he found a razor. When I took it away from him, didn't think anything happened. Then he walked to a room to further membongkar. That was when he started to whimper and I saw that blood was dripping from his little finger. And that was when the drama started.

Hubby washed Sa'eed's finger and pressed on it to stop the bleeding. Sa'eed was crying and crying. But for some reason the blood kept coming out. And of course we had to slightly press it to stop the blood flow. Even when we wanted to put the plaster on, he was squirming and didn't want us to hold his hand. And I guess the plaster was bothering him coz he seemed to be quite annoyed with it. After a while, he fell asleep.

What is it with KLIA? Sa'eed never fails to poop while we're there.

Anyways, we were there on Sunday to send off my sister in law. She'll be in Purdue for 3 years. Yaay...bole order barang...hahahaha

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 16th Month!

Aaaah...time flies so fast. Sa'eed is 16 months today. Somehow I always mistake 16 months with being 1 1/2 years. But anyways, some updates on the little guy.

- still likes to play with kitchen utensils
- pantang tgk abah or ummi bersiap nak keluar (except for going to work in the morning)
- likes to people-watch from the living room window and yell out to the people downstairs
- doesn't mind sharing his toys with other kiddies
- understands the word 'NO', but if it is used, he will stop on his own time. Can't be forced. For example, he likes to switch the fan off. If I say 'Sa'eed, NO!', he will proceed to just belek2 the fan switch, but he won't press it. Then after maybe 10 seconds, he will go do something else.
- he is very good at ignoring our calls whenever he's too close to the tv
- sleeps late, between 10-11pm and wakes up by 8am
- I think he's in the stage where he likes fruits more than rice...ni dapat from abang Gib la ni
able to eat and drink independently and likes to bite on the straw of his water bottle an carry it around like that
- drinks from the cup too, but if he's done, he will start sipping and keluarkan again into the glass...yes, gross.
- one time, he was sitting on me with his back against my tummy. Then adik started to kick and move. I guess Sa'eed felt weirded out coz he gave me this look that said 'stop doing that'.
- likes to smack my tummy too
- likes to scratch (garu) him self. I really don't know if he feels itchy or it has become a habit coz one morning when he was about to wake up, he started scratching and scratching. But he wasn't scratching himself, he was scratching my hand!

What else aa? I pun tak ingat :p

Monday, August 11, 2008


In today's paper....

Berjaya is bringing Krispy Kremes to Malaysia! I'm already excited, but it'll only be here next year...aduuh. I hope when they bring in the franchise here, they bring in the same quality and yummy taste of Krispy Kremes....mmmm melts in your mouth.

I wanted to blog about Sa'eed and Idraki playing together at maktok's house. But Idraki's mommy beat me to it. You can read it here.

They were very cute. Although there were moments of 'I wonder who's gonna smack who now'. I think the funniest/most surprising moment was when they worked together to push a chair away so that they could pass the barricade we adults set up so that they won't get to the kitchen. After successfully pushing the chair away, Sa'eed walked straight to the kitchen while Idraki somehow got stuck between the chair and something (either side table or bookshelf...can't remember).

Oh yes..forgot. On Saturday while hubby was at some power plant in Penang, I had an appointment with my gynae. I had to bring Sa'eed since maktok went out with someone to Wangsa Maju or something like that. But anyways, I am soooo glad Sa'eed is a patient boy who doesn't mind being strapped in his stroller. While waiting for my turn, I thought it would be a good idea to take Sa'eed for a walk around the hospital...and walk he did! I was zonked out when we got home. And of course Sa'eed was fine and dandy.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cloth Diapering Pt 2

Ok, so Sa'eed is in cloth diapers full time now. He uses prefolds (with cheap-o covers), AIO and pockets during the day and fitted ones at night. So far ok la. Although the nanny is still getting used to them. And the laundering of the diapers is straight forward too. Dump it in the washing machine after giving it a good rinse, wait, then hang to dry. If there's AIO in the laundry, I would double up on the spin cycle so that it dries faster.

As for detergent, I use Pureen H-A-D since they don't have any enzymes or bleaches. It's specifically made for sensitive skin and from the reviews I read, those kinds are the best. Also, I add in a bit of 'Nappy Soak' from MotherCare. This combination works well since the cloth diapers come out smelling fresh and doesn't smell of urine etc.

Sa'eed now helps me with laundry. I hang the diapers in the house and he helps to hand me the laundry as I hang them up. If he's done with the laundry, he would start handing me his books and toys. So, there will be random things hanging on the cloth line besides wet laundry.

Haven't yet to try them while we go out to the mall or balik bangi.

Went to Bangi this past weekend. Cloth diapering wasn't too bad. Just that Sa'eed's bag was full of them since I didn't want to run out and I ended up only using half.

Anyways, at one point, his diaper was really drooping. I thought it was because I didn't put it on correctly. Turns out he did a major poop and I guess his diaper was too heavy. And then he decided to walk away naked while only wearing his nasty diaper. Thank goodness SIL was quick enough to catch him. Coz as I brought him to the bathroom, his whole diaper fell off!