Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Another one of those hutang tag from last year.

Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

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Now let me tag:
Hawa, sbb dia duduk kat rumah
Aini, sbb dia malas update blog
Mak Adam, sbb I know it'll be interesting
Zik, sbb I know he will merepek
Pial, sbb I know dia suka, tapi takde masa kot
Teah, untuk menyerikan blog

Tagged: 15 Random Facts

OK, got tagged by Sarah last year. Now baru nak buat.

15 Random Facts about me.

1. Fencing. I started fencing (as in bermain pedang ye bukan mendirikan pagar rumah..hehe) with my brother when I was about 11 or 12. Then in university I joined the university's team but stopped after a semester because the dressing was no longer appropriate for me.

2. Oil & Gas. I work in an oil & gas company but I don't do oil & gas stuff. I do alternative energy stuff. It's more challenging because it's not the company's norm.

3. I have 'floating' bits of bone in my left foot. This was because I kicked a tiang gol basketball during my highschool days..yes, very smart ey. So sometimes I won't be able to walk (if it floats to the wrong place). But that hasn't happened since I got married.

4. I like to do things spontaneously and without thinking through the details. Biggest example was when I spent 3 months in Tanzania, Africa. Hoo boy. Will I do it again? Probably, but minus the sketchy details of which I shall not reveal..hehe

5. Related to number 4, I used to be able to speak Swahili. Good enough to order food, ask for directions and be courteous.

6. Handbags. I love looking at handbags, but haven't found the One.

7. Punctual. That should be my middle name. I can't stand people being late. A couple of my friends always 'get it' from me for wasting my time....you know who you are eh...hahahahaha. But I'm not always so punctual now...ye la, dah 2 anak.

8. The best trip I ever had was one summer during university days when my friends and I went for a road trip. We covered 6 states in 7 days. It was really brilliant. We had a tent and all that jazz, but we only had 3 sleeping bags...haha. Sapa sangka summer pun sejuk menggigil gigil. We camped at different National Parks and woke up to deers and moose rummaging for food and slept with coyotes howling in the background.

9. I would like to stay in the States. I just like it there. I think muslims there are more 'practicing' than muslims here (mcm bagosss je ckp eh). We'll see....we'll see....

10. I've written a paper on Tree Death once. Yepp...that's the title...Tree Death. The paper was on different ways and reasons trees die. It was for an ecology class ok!

11. Once during Halloween, a couple of my friends and I went into the Interfaith Center and played 'sorok sorok'. It was pretty freaky because it was an old building with creaking pipes and we had one unfortunate incident where someone crashed into somebody else. That was when we stopped playing.

12. My family's not really into taking pictures and keeping them. So I can safely say that I don't have pictures from my younger years (apart from 2 or 3 which is at my dad's office)..especially when I was a cute little cuddly baby.

13. Workwise, I might be absorbed into a special projects team directly reporting to the VP to do xxxx. hehehe...mana bole cakap doh...karang kena buang keje. But if you are smart, you'll be able to figure it out :p

14. I secretly wish that Mr. Hubs would work for a company that pays a lot a lot so that I won't have to work and will be able to be a WAHMie.

15. I have ONE permanent lunch buddy. But she might transfer to somewhere else. What do I do?? Loser la makan sorang2...hahahaha

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today my nanny had to go to the embassy to renew her passport because she has to renew her visa and her passport does not have anymore pages for the visa. She only told me this yesterday, so of course I couldn't take leave at such short notice...plus I had a meeting to attend to.

But anyways, who babysat the kids? My brother! Yepp you read it right...MY BROTHER. His wife, Kak Sarah has piano lessons on Friday mornings, so she couldn't do it. Nervous gak nak mintak my brother babysit the kids (plus his son too). Karang dilambung-lambung nye anak-anak aku...hahaha.

Anyways, I gave him a call at around 2.30pm to ask how were things. Since my nanny already came back from the embassy, my brother already went home. But the oddest thing happened while he was babysitting...

'Aatikah didn't feed since I left till about 12pm. So that's like 6 hours. Tapi ni bukan case dera ye. He did try to feed her, but she wouldn't take the bottle. And she didn't even cry for milk! As soon as my nanny came, she bathed 'Aatikah. Lepas mandi baru nak minum!

Pretty weird.

And today, I got news that a friend of mine had a miscarriage. I also bumped into this blog of a senior in the States. Apparently his wife was part of an ajaran sesat group and 'kidnapped' his daughter. They are divorced now and he hasn't seen his daughter for some time.

Both news made me more thankful of what I have now.

Two beautiful kids and a husband who is not part of an ajaran sesat group. You know what I mean...And I am just thankful that for now, life is good (except for the I'm a lousy cook part and I need a change of scenery part, workwise (but insyaAllah that will happen soon...updates when it really does happen!)...hahaha)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is what I've been looking for!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Man With No Mug (3)

(Continued from Part II)

The mug on the windowsill just sat there. No will to move. Not even a direction to move to. It just stayed there. Very still.

Mr. Mug-less was petrified. What do I do with something that doesn't even move? That doesn't communicate? He started to hyperventilate. I think I made a mistake, Mr. Mug-less told himself. Mr. Mug-less stood up and started to inch away from the demon mug. Then suddenly out of the blue, the mug shook. And it started to shake even more violently.

Oh goodness, what is going on? All of a sudden it hit Mr. Mug-less, he himself was shaking too. He felt his knees buckle and he quickly dove under the table. Forgetting about the mug, he held the table but everything started to shake even more. The chandelier crashed onto the floor. Mr. Mug-less' milk and cereal spilled. Cabinet doors started to open and close wildly, sending everything onto the marble floor.

Suddenly it stopped...as sudden as how it started. Everything was eerily quiet. The tune that was playing on the radio was no longer there. It was all static noise.

Mr. Mug-less peered out the window. His hometown was hit by an earthquake. Never in his life had he thought that he would experience an earthquake. Soon Mr. Mug-less realized that he should have believed his intelligent friend about the mind-boggling things that global warming could cause. Global warming causing earthquakes? It sounded ridiculous, but it's true. Global warming made everyone vote for Obama. And global warming made Que Haidar propose to Linda too.

But wait, where IS the mug? There it was, shattered and broken to a million pieces.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sama tak serupa?

Don't they look alike? The first picture is of 'Aatikah and the second picture is Sa'eed when he was about the same age. The nose definitely looks the same, but Sa'eed was definitely chubbier. I looked up his records and he was already a whopping 7.3 kg while 'Aatikah is 'only' 6.7 kg. Both don't have much hair and I think Sa'eed has a cheekier grin while 'Aatikah has a more girlish smile.

woot woot

After the previous 'naik bakul angkat sendiri' post, I have yet another basket to lift. We went to Tesco on Monday (the kids were angels on that day) and walked by a store that had a weighing machine outside. So of course we took the chance to weigh ourselves.

Husband was of course same old same old, but I on the other hand have lost half a kilo...woo hoo.. I shall not say 500 grams, but I shall say half a kilo because it sounds more...hehe

On another note, Sa'eed's eczema is getting better alhamdulillah. We went to the pead and she gave us Fucicort. Looks like it worked on Sa'eed. And he's constantly wearing socks. Syiok pulak dia pakai socks dalam rumah. If I forget to put on socks for him, he'll look for a pair and try to put it on himself. Sa'eed now is getting picky and indecisive with his food. Kejap nak, kejap taknak. But the best way to get him to drink his milk is put it in a cup and pretend to be drinking it...then he'll totally drink it...haha

'Aatikah on the other hand is very interactive, more than Sa'eed when he was this age. She has started to bat at the toys hanging from her playgym, yg tepi tepi je lah. She laughs when Abah tickles her (Abah claims he's the only one who can make her laugh...heh). Just this morning she flipped over and slept meniarap. But of course before we left for work I had to flip her over coz she can't turn from front to back yet. And that totally woke her up. I think she is oh so cute. Kenal pukul ngan abang pun nangis teresak-esak.

Below are some pictures from Treats that Kak Sarah took.

You can almost see the twinkle in the boy's eyes :)

Bam bam...heh