Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend that was…


It started on Friday with 'Aatikah's 1st Birthday. I gave her a dress which I bought eons ago but never got around bringing it home from the office. Anyways, instead of showering her with gifts and presents, she presented to us her ability to walk all over the house, able to get up to a standing position without holding onto anything and jumping…but of course without her feet leaving the floor. She has bloomed into a wonderfully happy baby. Far different from the wailing and yelling little baby. She's not too afraid of other people right now and can tolerate more pain without screaming her head off (of course this pain will usually be inflicted by her brother….haha)

Nothing really exciting happened on Saturday, but lots of things happened on Sunday.

SIL #1 had 2 free children's tickets to the KL Bird Park and we wanted to go before it expires on 31st October. So off we went at 9 am on Sunday…6 adults + 2 toddlers + 1 mini toddler + 1 yet to be born baby. As we parked and got out of the car, my dad came over to our car and said, 'ok, funny story #1'…..'somebody forgot the tickets'. Hahahaha….yes, the free tickets were left at home. So we ended up buying the tickets for the 2 kiddies.

Although this blog lacks pictures, I can assure you that the Bird Park is so worth going to. Lots of birds to see and the place is very clean. The birds there are also well taken care off. Although there's sometimes poop on the pavement, but that is very much expected since it's an open air aviary. Sa'eed and Idraki had the most fun, running all over the place while attempting to hold hands. 'Aatikah was well behaved too. Not a sound from her, apart from that one time she had to have her 'refill'.

The Bird Park even has a little nursery where they have eggs hatching and where they keep the chicks (as in baby chicken ye) and ducklings. My brother took one out for the kids to see. Unfortunately we decided to let Sa'eed hold one and he almost squish it to death. Thank God for small bones and fast reflex (of the chick). So, no more holding little animals after this.

After a couple of hours and after venturing into every nook and cranny (except for the children's park where we consciously decided to steer clear), we were exhausted and hungry. We ate brunch at The Hornbill Restaurant (that does NOT serve hornbills)…I thought it was a wee bit overpriced, but we got a 20% discount for being Malaysian..haha.

Next, we went to the Deer Park next door. It's free anyways and not as big as the Bird Park. 'Aatikah was asleep by then but the boys were still full of energy. We spent about 20 minutes feeding the deer and then went home.

All in all it was a good trip. 'Aatikah slept for about 2 hours while it took some cajoling to get Sa'eed to sleep…he was still running around the house when we got home. I have no idea how such a tiny body can be so full of energy J