Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Happenings

On Saturday was earth hour. We definitely observed it. Although I will have to confess that the tv and fan were on.

8.30 pm Lights off
8.31 pm Jakun-jakun tgk tv of other places that switched off their lights
8.45 pm Solat Isha'
9.00 pm Everybody slept

So yes, Earth Hour was great coz it caused the kids + parents to sleep earlier :D

Then on Sunday I hosted a pot luck for some friends. Hawa and family, Aini, Eqeen, Sarah, Odah and Arina (in order of appearence) came over with tons of food. Dua tiga kali round makan (Hawa appeared to be eating non stop...haha). We had spaghetti, pasta salad, fried mihun, brownies, mashed potatoes, salad, roast chicken, pizza and banana split (did I miss anything?). Everything was homemade except the roast chicken and of course ice cream. But the roast chicken has its own story...hehe. To cut it short: oven rosak.

I was really fun making fun of Arina, catching up, gossiping, wondering if Arina's cronic lateness is a disease and reminiscing about our days in school. The 2 babies ('Aatikah and Sophie, Hawa's baby girl) slept and woke up and slept again while the 2 toddlers played, but not together. Sa'eed stayed away from Hannah (Hawa's daughter) because Hannah would smack him or scream if he tried to play with her. Hahaha...takut perempuan ke, Sa'eed?

Later that night we invited my brother and his family over to finish up the leftovers. That night Sa'eed had a ball playing with his regular playmate, Idraki. As usual they played monkey see monkey do. And Idraki was also manja-manjaing with me. He wanted to sit on me all the time and even when I was holding 'Aatikah...he even followed me to the room when I wanted to put 'Aatikah on the bed. Smitten by your gourgeous aunt eih...hehe.

All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend. Will put up pictures once I get them!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dik, abang botak tu kirim salam

Had lunch with Arina 'overworked and underpaid' Husna, Aini 'gomen' Kasim and Ikin 'adik Aini' Kasim. We ate at Nandos. I ordered a Peri Platter for the 4 of us, which was quite a bargain since we get 1 chicken, 2 large rice, 1 large coleslaw, 1 large fries and 1 large salad.

But that's beside the point.

After we ate, as usual dok borak-borak dan mendengar cerita drama Arina. Then came one of the female waitress and she went up to Ikin.

"Dik, abang botak tu kirim salam"

Ikin pun smile aje lah, but it really meant I don't give a da*n.

Why are guys like that? Come on la, that is sooooo out of season. Lagi menyampah ada lah.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sa'eed and Idraki

Last night Abang and his family came over for dinner. The moment they came in, Sa'eed and Idraki ran in the opposite directions. Sa'eed ran to the living room while Idraki ran to hide near the dining table.

It is always amusing to see them interact with each other. Sometimes Sa'eed's the ringleader and sometimes Idraki is the ringleader. Last night they even joined forces and shook 'Aatikah's playpen with her in it! haha...

At one point, I couldn't find them and it ended up that they were both hiding under the table.

But Abang says that Sa'eed has a bad influence on Idraki coz at times Idraki will point and go 'uhh uhh uhh' although Idraki knows how to talk already...hehe. Apa la Sa'eed....patutnye dia yang contohi Idraki.

I had the best childhood growing up with my cousins and hopefully the kids in our families will get that chance too :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

In the US, the whole country went out to vote to determine who the next President will be.

In Malaysia, only 0.01% of the whole population consisting of one race votes to determine who the next Prime Minister will be, who btw runs uncontested. Some surveys done with that kind of number would not even fly.

After a couple of smses with my SIL, we have determined that her husband is Gerrard and my husband is Torres.

Kids are growing very well.

Yesterday Sa'eed had a bout of tantrum. He started to throw out all the clothes out of the laundry basket because makcik was holding 'Aatikah and he wanted to be carried.

'Aatikah wakes up in the morning all smiley and puts on her cutest face. And that's why I'm always late for work.

Men who have affairs are gatal and women who knowingly reciprocate are idiots.

Isn't it worrying that rape cases are on the rise in Malaysia? Some people blame the ladies for dressing inapropriately and 'inviting' rapers to rape them. But what about the kids/toddlers and OKUs? Apa yang turn-on sangat tengok budak2 lari dalam diapers?

WHO IS GIVING OUT MY INFO TO THEM HAA? It's one thing if they know my name and number, but the other day a telemarketer was like "...and your CIM*B credit card expires in 20xx kan?" Of course la my respond was like, "No. Bye."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Announcement: Ada orang nak dapat adek!

(Translates to: someone's getting a younger sibling!) read it correctly. Someone is getting another kid sister/brother.

And's me.

In case you didn't get it. It's another baby brother or sister....

...FOR ME!

Congratulations to Papa and Che' Nor :)

And can you believe it, my SIL actually had a dream that Che' Nor's pregnant. And it turned out to be true!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stay Away Sa'eed!!!!

'Aatikah the almost 5 month old already knows how to 'defend' herself.

Yesterday while I was sitting on the couch and holding 'Aatikah, along came Sa'eed and he sat next to me. Then of course he proceeded to torment his sister. He grabbed her arm and yelled loudly. For the first few times, 'Aatikah was fine with it. Then I guess she got tired of Sa'eed grabbing her arm.

So each time Sa'eed grabbed her arm, she would yell....a loud and piercing scream. Of course Sa'eed found that amusing and kept on grabbing her arm, yelling, let-go, grab it again etc...Haha, in the end 'Aatikah cried.

It's sometimes funny to see them interact. Sa'eed sometimes play peek-a-boo with 'Aatikah and she would smile and coo at him. Whenever Sa'eed is nearby, 'Aatikah would just look at him to see what he's up to and Sa'eed being a typical male, would totally tak perasan. And at night, during bedtime, Sa'eed would always want to sleep as close to his sister and sometimes put a hand on her tummy (which we don't allow and he'd always be carried off kicking and screaming).

Hehe...this reminds me of my relationship with my brother. When we were younger, things could get a little rough and someone almost always ends up crying....but it ain't me...wahahahaha

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh anakku

Ever since 'Aatikah was a born, I could count with one hand how many times she pooped at night. So it was good for me because if her diaper is full, I can quickly change it and she doesn't even wake up. But on Friday, she pooped at 3 am and yesterday she pooped at 5 am. Of course she was wide awake. Believe it or not, the sound of her pooping woke me up....broooot broooot...hahaha, it was that loud.

And both times I had to run to the living room to get the plastic mat in case her diaper overflowed. Yesterday it did, but good thing I had the mat or else it would have gotten on the bedsheet. Anyways, for both times, 'Aatikah couldn't sleep after I cleaned her and of course if she's not sleeping, I can't sleep either.

So there we were, wide awake in the dark. I did try to sleep, but 'Aatikah was cooing and gurgling (and kicking me all over). The boys were of course sleeping like logs. In the end, I nursed her and we both fell asleep.

On the other hand, Sa'eed thinks he's an Arab...muahahaha. He pronounces 'pipi' (cheek) as 'bibi'. In case you didn't know, there's no 'p' sound in Arabic. And that brought the conversation to 'I want to go to Berak (Perak)' and 'No Barking! (Parking)'.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Really aa?

Mak aih...has it really been almost a month since my last post? Feels like I only did that tag thing last week. I have been superbly busy at work, mainly working on my year end assessment thing for the company.

Anyways, some updates on the kids.

'Aatikah will be 5 months in about 10 days and so far alhamdulillah she is developing well. She weighed about 7.3kg during her 4 month check up and already wears 6-9 months romper because anything lower than that won't fit her lengthwise. And 1 year old's dresses fit her ngam ngam punye. Besides her allroundedness, she can also reach and grasp for toys and pull it to her mouth. Oh ya, she has also started playing with her feet (and NO, I don't want to hear about how older folks say if a baby does that, it means that he/she wants a younger sibling). Also, whenever I nurse her, I cannot talk too much, otherwise she will get sooooo distracted. All in all, she's a sociable baby...likes to smile, coo and always wants people to be near her.

Sa'eed on the other hand is....Sa'eed. Hahaha....I don't even know what to update on him. Except that he has his own hideaway drawer where he hides things, he knows which cabinet has what and he knows that the goodies are in the freezer (read: mini cornetto icecream). He also likes to use the pestle and mortar. And currently he's in his eating frenzy phase after his I don't want to eat phase. Sa'eed also has developed his own 'fake' crying, where he will pretend to cry with his eyes closed and will slightly open them to see if anyone's looking. Drama punye budak! This boy is also quite the little social butterfly, will wave to anyone and is not afraid to go up to other kids.

Oh ya, we recently went to Kelantan for a huuuuuge family gathering (no, I'm not Kelantanese, my Penang relatives wanted to go there). Sa'eed terus lupa mak bapak. We rented a bus to go around town and Sa'eed would confidently plop himself in the front row seat, sitting with his Tok Teh and he would get off the bus with anyone who was willing to take him.

On the last note: insyaAllah, my brother and I are planning to publish children's books. One is already in the pipeline....makngah, nanti we all nak dtg mengadap for you to bono can aa?