Monday, July 28, 2008


My aunt came over the other day with a bagful of rambutans. I don't think Sa'eed has seen rambutans before. He promptly took them out of the bag and not knowing what it was, he started combing his hair with it...heh

His first encounter with manggis was at another aunt's house. Again, he didn't know what it was and I guess because of the shape, he started rolling it around like a ball on the table.

This boy has a funny gait. He walks with his feet in a V shape and like the drunken master. As though he would fall over any time. It's amusing to see especially if he tries to walk really fast.

Yesterday we went to MidV*lley and decided to let Sa'eed walk instead of bringing the stroller. Hoo boy...we should've brought the stroller. It was a handful trying to keep up with him. And of course at some point, he didn't want to hold hands and sometimes he would sit and wail if we didn't let him walk to where he wanted to.

Alhamdulillah no problems in this department. He loves eating and would *try* to become buddies with anyone who is holding some kind of food. But if the person won't give him, he doesn't know how to ask yet. Sa'eed will just walk away, then come back to the person while eyeing the morsel of food. He would do this until the food is finished by the person or until he gets a little taste.

The Littler One
Almost 28 weeks already! I hope the baby comes out as planned (late October). I've been saving up on my annual leave. So if the baby comes out in late October, I'll have enough days to last me through December on top of my maternity leave!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cloth Diapering

Have been twiddling with the idea of using cloth diapers instead of disposables since before Sa'eed was born. But that has never materialized...up until now, about 15 months later. After doing some calculations,

Large Dr*pers (72's) = RM34 per pack
One month = at least 1 1/2 packs
= RM 51 per month
Cloth Diapers = say RM 700 (I definitely haven't spent that much, not even half)
Simple payback period = ~14 months
Water usage increase = not too sure, but I think it would be one small load every 2 days + rinsing etc (but then again, wouldn't be contributing to the nasty landfills with dirty diapers)

So after 14 months, diapers will be free. That would make Sa'eed around 2 years plus (I wonder if he'll be potty trained by then). But the cloth diapers can be used by Sa'eed's sibling(s) too. So that translates to further savings.

Currently in my collection, I have (colors and prints might vary):

Wonderoos One Size Pocket Diaper

Kissaluvs Size 2 Fitted Diaper

Baby Beehinds Hemp One Size Fitted Diaper

Just Ducky Size L All-in-One
Sugarpeas Size 2 Fitted Diapers

DryZ One Size Pocket Diaper

Prorap Size L Diaper Cover

Fleece Liners

The fleece liners are some amazing stuff. Poop just rolls off it without any staining! So now Sa'eed is cloth diapered at night and weekends when I'm around. I might get more so that he can be cloth diapered most of the time while I'm at work too.

Hehe...I hope I don't become a cloth diaper addict and keep buying them because they are just too hard to resist :p Then that will defeat the purpose of saving money.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


2nd Anniversary (150708)
Didn't do anything special. Hubby had to work late...very late.

First 'published' work

Hehe...'authored' a friend's wedding card. Interested or need any creative writing, proof writing, editing services etc? Msg/Email me :)

Fuel Price Debate

So last night was the much awaited debate between AI and SC. Overall, I thought that AI touched on people's emotions and SC turned the debate to a lets blame everything happening today on AI when he was in the government in the 90s. I'm glad that AI mentioned that it isn't in the plan to use P*TR****S' profits to lower fuel prices. Instead he was pushing for better management of funds, less wastage etc...all of which lies with better governance of funds. Oh yeah, better still...he said, don't involve P*TR****S in politics. The company's management is good enough.

But for some odd reason SC kept saying that we shouldn't depend on P*TR****S because they need to grow and reinvest. I think he was only prepared for that scenario in the debate.

P*TR****S Profit Announcement
In today's newspapers, P*TR****S March 2008 revenue and profits are the main news item. My take on it? It's worrisome that P*TR****S contributes to 44% of the government's revenue. An increase from last year's contribution. Is the government doing enough to secure funds from other sources or investments? to more important things..

Sa'eed's development
- non stop walking around the house
- loves to menyibuk and follow me around the house
- responds well to "Nak makan?" "Nak drink?" but not to "Sa'eed, jauh sikit dari tv tu" (he will go "uuhh uhh" if he wants to eat or drink, will ignore the question if he doesn't want to)
- will glance around before he wants to do something he shouldn't; like bang on the tv or the Astro remote control
- loves food, willing to try new things, don't mind eating veggies
- beginning to sleep through the night, but sometimes wakes up to cuddle
- no longer BFing and he doesn't ask for it either...drinks fresh milk instead, via glass
- absolutely loves to play with other kids
- likes to play with water
- randomly plays cak cak (peek-a-boo) with me
- knows how to differentiate working days and non working days a.k.a. quality time with parents (cried a pool of tears when abah had to go to the office on a Sunday)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Reference Number: ID-10-T

Finally got a sewing machine about 2 weeks ago. It's a Singer...the most basic one since I won't be needing all the extra features.

Singer 8280

Tested it at the store and it worked perfectly. But of course it was a different story once I got home and used it. The thread kept bunching up and it was VERY frustrating. Sampai sakit belakang duduk situ trying to figure out what was wrong.

So this past weekend, we took the sewing machine to the store to see what the problem was. The lady started to sew with it and of course it worked like a charm! gaaah...So I had a few tries on it and it worked perfectly too. It seems that I wasn't threading it right. There's one part of the thread channel where I had to slightly pull the thread until it goes into the pre-tension thing. So yes, problem solved. Case filed under ID-10-T. In case you haven't figured it out, it spells IDIOT. hahaha

But anyways, once I found the time, made a little something for the little one.

It's a little seluar pantai (beach pants) for when we actually go to the beach :) *hint hint* Tried to put it on Sa'eed and thank God it fits. Don't have a picture of it since he was so engrossed with playing that he wasn't that much of an obliging model. Wanted to make something else after I was done with this, but the extension plug at home went wonkers pulak. All in all, I'm happy with the sewing machine :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mr. Drama

Got myself a new toy and was tinkering with it last night. Of course I had to seal off the area with some chairs so that Sa'eed doesn't come too close and start playing with the cables and what not. Whenever I plop my self on the chair, ready to explore the new machine, he would stand near the closest chair and start whining etc. At first I thought he was thirsty. So off to the kitchen we went. Took ONE sip and he was done.

Left him in the living room and I went on to do some more testing with the new gadget. Soon after, he started whining and let out some mini wails. As it was already 8ish, I thought that he was sleepy. So I got up, carried him and laid him down. After a minute of singing and patting his bum, he would roll over and play with some toys.

This repeated twice and I decided to put him on his high chair so that he could see what I was doing. After a while he would whine again and the same thing would repeat. It's not like he wants to play with me or anything. After he rolls away and does his thing, I'd just be sitting there (and thinking how my son just conned me). Finally I got tired of getting up, carrying him, singing and tepuk2 him, so I just put him in his high chair and tolerated his whining a bit more.

Until his Abah came home from the mosque, carried him, looked at the trees outside and shared a manly conversation...Sa'eed fell asleep on his Abah's shoulder...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Last Friday
Division's Open Day. Had to man the booth the whole day. Got some goodies to bring home for Sa'eed to play with. Met Aida and she gave me the prizes (as per previous post) *beam*.

Past weekend

Spent the weekend in Bangi. Wanted to attend company's family day, but that plan flopped. And Sa'eed decided to be extra clingy. We go to Bangi often enough, I'm not sure why he acts all I don't want you with hubs' family. Very random, sometimes I can leave him alone, sometimes I can't.

Monday & Tuesday
Stayed at home (MC). Sa'eed was walking and playing and exploring non-stop. He likes to go to the kitchen and attempt to open all the drawers or peek into the fridge and just grab whatever he can get his tiny hands on.

Younger sister cooked for the family (hubs, Sa'eed and me, maktok, papa & belle mere, abg, wife & Idraki, Sa'eed's Tok Ngahs, the PNB cousin, the UPM cousin and hubby). So as you can see, it was a full house. We had a yummy spaghetti dinner, tons of fruits, salad, juice and coffee for the adults later on.

It was funny watching Sa'eed trying to gain the affections of Idraki. Sa'eed would want to hug and kiss Idraki, but the poor little fella was not really into mushy mushy cousinly love. He would just shrug Sa'eed off but Sa'eed would just follow the little guy around. But I guess Sa'eed does not deal with rejection too well (it's ok son, you'll soon learn) and resorted to yanking out Idraki's pacifier from his mouth and threw it onto the carpet (I hope this is NOT a bully in the making!!). Of course Idraki cried and cried and cried while Sa'eed acted all innocent.

I promptly went to Sa'eed, told him to return the pacifier, took him to the spot where the pacifier laid, got him to get it and return it to Idraki. Sa'eed tried to stuff it in Idraki's mouth but of course that was received with even more tears. Hoo boy, that's one side of Sa'eed I hope I won't get to see more often.

Other developments
- Sa'eed knows where his biscuits are. He would get the container and give it to anyone close by if he wants a snack.
- If he is really hungry, he would plop himself in the kitchen and whine till someone gets him food or milk.
- Caught him trying to put on a shirt...but through his legs...heh
- Walks more steadily.
- Still loves kitchen utensils.
- Knows how to salam people (and kiss the hand too!)
- Knows how to put his hands up when making du'a (doa makan ye) and then wipes his face 2 seconds into the du'a. Very cute.
- Scrunches his body up to protect his tummy whenever I want to tickle him...and he'd be laughing his head off even if I haven't tickled him yet.
- Able to climb up and down without help (but with supervision ye).
- Doesn't have to be rocked to sleep (not all the time). Him lying down and someone singing and patting his bum is almost always sufficient. But he'd be tossing and turning until he finds the most comfortable position.
- For the first time slept through the night on Wednesday! Is this a one time thing? Hope not.

Gifts Galore

Thank you to mommyadam for making these wonderful gifts for us. Ingatkan dapat satu je, tapi dapat tiga! woo hoo...I received the gifts because I got 2nd place in a blog giveaway competition she organized a while ago.

First up, something she made for me. A clutch purse that I haven't used yet. Waiting for a special occasion.

For Sa'eed is a cute little elephant which I think I love more than him. Mr Gajah is now the victim of teething. His appendages is too hard for the little one to resist.

While taking pictures, of course Sa'eed sama-sama nak menyibuk. He's just tall enough to peek on what's going on the dining table. Amusing to see him on his tippy toes.

Ok, last but not least, a little something for the peanut in the tummy. Saja je amik gambar berangle...trying out the Canon after a loooooong hiatus since dear brother decided to hijack it from me...hehe

All in all, I love every single one of the crafty gifts...thank you! :)