Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Umaamah bint Mohamad Zaid

Sorry to disappoint, but this time around we only managed to find a name with double vowels, but without any apostrophes.

Now, who is Umaamah?

She was the daughter of Zainab and the grand daughter of Rasulullah s.a.w. She was also featured in the hadeeth about Rasulullah s.a.w. carrying his grandchild while praying.

With Sa'eed, it wasn't hard to decide coz it was almost a given since Sa'eed ibn Zayd was one of the Sahaabah promised paradise. 'Aatikah was Sa'eed's sister, so that wasn't hard either. Deciding the name for #3 was somewhat challenging because we didn't really know what to put.

Anyways, Alhamdulillah Umaamah's jaundice is quite mild and she doesn't need to be admitted to get phototherapy. Not sure how come this time around the jaundice isn't that high (not that I'm not thankful), but it could be that I was drinking goat's milk (but of course Allah willed it that way) towards the end of my pregnancy. Allahua'lam...you can try it out.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Number 3 is here :)

Bear with me, she doesn't have a name yet..hehe..insyaAllah a name will be given on the 7th day, which is this Monday.

She was born on Tuesday, 17th August, weighing at 3.69 kg. The heaviest one yet! Oh boy, they just keep getting bigger. Alhamdulillah, as was predicted and advised by my wonderful gynae, this 3rd delivery could be very quick. Especially since my 3 pregnancies are close together.

On Monday, I went to the office as usual to wrap up a few things. Felt some contractions the whole day, but they were irregular and not painful. Left the office slightly earlier because the mild contractions didn't really go away. Better to not be stuck in the commute home, in case the contractions got stronger.

Reached home, went to Pasar Ramadan, had iftar and went to get a CTG at the hospital just to confirm whether the contractions are real or just Braxton Hicks ones. From the CTG, the nurse said that I only had really mild ones, but when she checked, I was already 4 cm dilated. So, it was best to get admitted.

Later my mother in law and sister in law came to the hospital to get the 2 kids, in case I did go into labor. Slept soundly that night except for when the nurse came in to do another CTG at around 1 am. Continued sleeping till I was woken up by more painful contractions at around 4 am. Waited a bit and called the nurse. She checked and said that I was 4-5cm dilated. I thought, Oh, same thing when I came in...could take a while. Then she took me to the labor room.

Got a shot of pentadine and the contractions got stronger. By this time, it was probably close to 5 am. Poor husband didn't get a chance to have his sahur. Only had a chug of plain water. The contractions kept getting stronger and the nurse kept telling me to focus on breathing in the gas, coz dr isn't here yet. At around 5.3oam she checked me again and lo and behold, I was already 8 cm. Dr still isn't here and the nurse was getting slightly agitated.
Then I started to feel even stronger contractions and could actually feel the baby's head going way down. Told the nurse baby's coming out! And she said, focus on the gas! hahaha
In the nick of time my Dr came in the labor room and sap sap sap, baby was out at 6.02am :)
Alhamdulillah, was discharged the next day and hopefully baby's jaundice isn't that high...not another day in the hospital, please...

Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you know...

when a blog has been abandoned?

Answer: When your child has gone thru a surgery and the blog lacks updates on it..haha.

But I did update my fb and twitter frequently with her updates. Anyways, alhamdulillah 'Aatikah was discharged last Tuesday, just a day prior to 1st of Ramadan. And the damage done? Around RM32k. Alhamdulillah company insurance took care of this.

All I can say it, 'Aatikah sure is a trooper. Of course she cries, but all in all, very obliging and doesnt complain much. She was pricked for the iv line multiple times, even had to do it on her right foot because her hands were swollen from the antibiotics in the drip. And even then her foot also got swollen after a few days.

I think the most upsetting part for me was when the pediatric surgeon came over to explain about her 2nd xray and ctscan after about a week of antibiotics. He said that it has gotten slightly worse since she was admitted and that he had to do the surgery that afternoon. He showed the xrays and ctscan and explained everything in detail; what is going on in her body, why the surgery needs to be done etc. Husband wasn't around at that time and I was really trying hard to hold back the tears. Once I went back to the room, the flood gates opened. I was crying while cuddling and holding her. 'Aatikah was probably just looking at me, wondering what in the world is wrong with me.

Then after the surgery she was put in the ICU for observation. Hubby escorted her to the OT and was there when she got out. The surgeon showed what was taken out, and hubby described it to be really nasty. All the fluid, phlegm and even clumps of dead tissue all in 2 jars.

She spent two days in the ICU and hubby and I took turns taking care of her. But at night it was hubby's turn since they didn't have a proper bed and I was already heavily pregnant. At one point I guess the anesthetics wore off and she started to feel the pain, even tho she was on pain killers. She started to sweat and cringe and cry...until the nurse came over and increased the dosage of her pain killers. Then she slowly drifted to sleep.

All in all, we spent slightly more than 2 weeks in the hospital. The first week was to treat her with antibiotics, which didn't work. Then one more week after the surgery because she was still feverish, which is an indication that the infection is still there. After many types of antibiotics, her fever finally subsided and she was allowed to go home after being fever free for about 2 days and after her Dr changed her medications to oral ones instead of being administered via the iv line.

Tremendous changes could be seen once she was fever free. She started to eat well and was more active. Had to let her loose outside of the room for her to run around.

All that is left from this episode are the scars on her left torso. The long gash is about 3 inches long and that is where the Dr did the incision during surgery. The bottom scar is for the chest tube which was left attached post surgery to drain off excess fluid, if any.

And all I can say is, Alhamdulillah!