Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here we are...

We are currently in the hospital. We have been here for a week now and we expect to spend a week more here. I update my facebook and twitter (ummisaeed) more frequently on what is going.

In a nutshell, 'Aatikah was admitted due to lung infection and pneumonia. Here's a chronicle of what happened.

Tuesday, 20th July: 'Aatikah and Sa'eed both were feverish, temperature wasn't that high.

Wednesday, 21st: Still feverish at night, but were active as usual

Thursday, 22nd: Both getting better

Friday, 23rd: Teacher called from the nursery, said that 'Aatikah had really high fever. Went to the clinic after work and was told that it was viral fever.

Saturday, 24th: Went back to Bangi as 'Aatikah looked better...but didn't really want to eat. When she ate in the afternoon, vomited everything out later in the evening.

Sunday, 25th: Vomited again in the morning around Subuh time. By this time her lips and hands were blue-black and she was shivering. Temperature was about 39 degrees. We went straight to a hospital in Bangi and did a blood test.
Results weren't good...her white cell count was super high and her hemoglobin was slightly low.
Went straight to D*SH to get her admitted.
Paediatrician saw 'Aatikah in the ward and thought that her liver was enlarged and her lung didn't sound normal. Recommended for an ultrasound and an xray the next day.

Monday, 26th: Did the ultrasound - enlarged spleen and fluid could be seen in the left lung
Xray (To'ki and Tokmi took her in the xray room0 - showed that about 90% of her lung has some kind of infection. Right lung was totally clear. Started antibiotics right away.

Tuesday - Friday, 27th -30th: 'Aatikah still feverish in around 39 degrees.
Sa'eed was feverish too. Did a blood test and showed that he also had an infection. Was admitted, but not as serious as 'Aatikah. Started antibiotics right away.

Friday, 30th: Did a ctscan. Showed that fluid was still accumulated between the lung and rib cage. Fluid has probably 'hardened'. Was referred to Dr Razak, the pediatric surgeon. Decided to have the surgery after Friday prayers.
Coughed up nasty sputum.
Surgery was to remove the fluid and abscess started at around 2.30pm and successfully ended at 4.30pm.
Hubby saw what was removed and he said it was ugly. A mixture of blood, abscess and lumps of abscess.
Dr said that some of the lung tissue was already dead due to the infection. Probably started to get infected about 4-6 weeks ago.
'Aatikah placed in the ICU for observation.

Saturday, 31st July: Alhamdulillah recovering well. Started to eat a bit of porridge. Husband and I taking turns to be in the ICU with her.