Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday Sa'eed went diaperless at home and it was quite a success. Apart from the berak terbabas incident....heh. Every 5 minutes I would ask him if he wanted to use the bathroom. Every time he would answer no. And if I attempted to drag him to the bathroom, he'd stiffen his body.

So I thought...can he really tell me when he wants to pee?

He had his morning shower at around 8.30 am. I started to cook lunch at around 10.30 am. By that time, he hasn't gone to the bathroom yet, so I was getting worried. Then suddenly at around 11 am, he came to the kitchen naked with a worried face.

He wanted to pee! So berlari lah ummi dia angkat Sa'eed pergi bathroom. Nasib baik tak terbabas.

After that I kept on asking whether he wanted to do his big business. He kept saying no. But I think at around 12 or so, when I asked, he said 'dah!' you can guess that we spent a long time in the bathroom cleaning up.

I still keep him diapered at night. But the goal is to be diaperless before baby #3 comes...boleh kan , Sa'eed :)

Oh and this you just got to see...Left the two of them to watch National Geographic. After 5 minutes, I went to see what they were up to because I couldn't here any shouting or cries. I was pleasantly surprised to see this...

'Aatikah getting comfortable....

But not for long!

Haha...Sa'eed started to squeeze her cheeks. I'm just glad he didn't push her off his lap...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh by the way...

It completely slipped my mind. I haven't really made a formal announcement that baby #3 is on the way. My EDD is insyaAllah on 31st August, towards the end of Ramadhan.

Sa'eed and 'Aatikah both were born slightly before 'Asr, in the same labour room and with the same nurses. I wonder how it will be this time around. Sa'eed was 2 weeks early, born on a Saturday and 'Aatikah was right on time, on a Thursday. In both cases, I didn't even realize that I had gone into labour, not until my Dr checked. The contractions were painful as he**, so don't even ask if it hurts! Thank goodness Mr Hubby was there with me both times.

Both times we had to stay an extra one week in the hospital because the babies developed jaundice. This time I'm experimenting with goats' milk. Someone said that it can help with jaundice, so I drink about 400mls of it everyday. But it's not cheap ok! I dunno, we'll see k.

And when the kids were bigger, both had their own set of challenges (e.g. Sa'eed slept all the time, 'Aatikah wouldn't sleep; Sa'eed pooped day and night, 'Aatikah only does it during the day). And each one has their own quirks and personality.

I wonder how baby #3 will be. And as usual, we'll only scramble to find a name after she is born...jeng jeng...a girl?


Best buds...sometimes

The kids are getting smarter by the day and some of the things they do or say really surprises me sometimes.

As I am further along in this pregnancy, I always tell them that there's a baby in the tummy. 'Aatikah would usually just kiss and bump her head on my tummy, but Sa'eed, being more vocal nowadays, would ask random things about the baby. His usual question would be 'baby tengah buat apa (what is baby doing)? And I'd answer him by saying 'baby tengah tido (baby is sleeping).

Then he'd ask 'dah tutup lampu (have you switched off the lights)?' if I said yes, he'd ask 'siapa tutup lampu (who switched off the lights)?' And for him, it would be a different person switching off the lights. Sometimes it would be Aunty Sheya, sometimes it would be Chu Teah and sometimes it would be me. If I answer no, he'd tell me to switch it off because baby wants to sleep.

Last night while we were seated on the floor and having dinner (I was feeding 'Aatikah), Sa'eed sat next to me (he finished eating already) and started talking about his day. He said that he had a fight with his cousin. I asked him how did they fight? And he said that they were kicking each other, while showing to me how they kicked. Then 'Aatikah joined in the conversation by saying 'haaa....paaap paaap' and beating her chicken on the plate at the same time. The chicken, by the way was mine, and she took it off my plate without me noticing while I was talking to Sa'eed.

Later that night, Sa'eed was asking about his Neyna (grandmother) and he wanted to call her up. So he handed me my phone and asked me to call her. First, I called the house. The phone rang, but no one picked it up. I told Sa'eed 'takde orang lah (no one's there)' and he said 'adaaaa....tunggu kejap (there is...wait a while)! So we waited and waited and no one picked up. Then I tried her cellphone and she picked up.

The conversation was really funny. He wanted to show her his car and shirt and pants and toys, but of course she couldn't see them. And his voice gets ultra soft whenever he's on the phone. But nontheless, a big improvement from the days when he would run away whenever anyone handed him the phone and he hears a voice coming out from the phone.

Oh and last night, 'Aatikah slept through the night! Hopefully it's for the long term and not just a one time thing.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Oh my, I knew this would happen sooner or later.

On Wednesday Sa'eed came home and said that he was bitten by someone in school. He showed me the teeth marks on his left hand. Kesian dia...

The next day he didn't want to go to school. I asked him why not? And he said, takut kena gigit...lagi la kesian dengar. But of course I insisted he went because I don't want it to be a habit for him to get to stay at home whenever there's a little bit of trouble.

When hubby asked his teachers, they said that it was because the kids were fighting over a toy. So I guess Sa'eed lost...Oh I hope he doesn't resort to biting his sister whenever they fight over things!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Report Card Day

The kids' school had a meet the teachers' day this past weekend. I think it's good coz even tho they are a nursery, they keep close records of the kids' progress. And some of the things mentioned about the kids can be a good way.

Although it took him 2 months to adjust to the school, he has made tremendous progress. He is one of the more active students who participate in class. He will be among the first ones to answer the teacher's questions and will also ask questions. Besides that, for a boy, he understands instructions during arts & crafts and does the tasks well. He did a mother's day card for me and at first I thought the flower drawn on the back of the card was by one of the teachers, but it turned out that he did it all by himself.

He already knows his alphabets, numbers, phonics, colours, shapes and sizes. Sa'eed also doesn't talk non-stop like most kids, but he will only talk when he answers questions or when he wants to ask a the teacher put it, he doesn't talk pointlessly. But what surprised me was the fact that he's the only student that hasn't gotten a time-out...haha, at home, his name get called at least once a minute, usually because he likes to disturb his sister!

His developmental areas include remembering instructions (has to be reminded a lot of times) and being more assertive (he gets bullied quite a bit coz other kids know he won't fight back, but Sa'eed knows to call his teacher if he's in trouble). He also needs to learn to share.

She's a bit more reserved, especially in a crowd of people. But she has a best friend already. This girl, Natrah, who is about her age is her best bud. They always sit together and will be yakking away in their own language. 'Aatikah also loves to use the pen and scribble or draw. I also noticed that she can hold the pencil/pen properly. For her age, I think it's quite awesome. Besides that, she also joins some of Sa'eed's class and can follow what the bigger kids are doing.

Oh, but the best part is that she sleeps a lot! haha....naptime at school is usually from 1 to 3.30 pm, but she will usually sleep past that. Takpe, sleeping is good for brain development..enjoy it while you can, hun.

Sa'eed and 'Aatikah:
I asked the teachers, how are the kids' relationship in school. And their answer? Sa'eed is a regular big brother. He calls the teacher if someone is picking on 'Aatikah (because he's not exactly bouncer material...heh) and will never forget 'Aatikah during meal times.

All in all, I think the kids are making good progress in school...alhamdulillah :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


When they are not at each others throats, they get along pretty well. If one cries, the other one will try to soothe him/her. It's pretty sweet to see. But when they fight, oh my goodness, expect an orchestra of tears to start.

Sa'eed's favourite sentence is now What is this? But he says it as What a this? And he also developed an attachment to his trains. Hari hari pun nak baju train dia yang satu tu.

Anyways, this post doesn't have much point to it. I just wanted to put up a picture of the kids coz some people miss them :)