Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am Mother....

.....hear me moo


Started pumping to get ready milk stock for when I start work...with my trusty pal: PIS-A

Thursday, November 27, 2008

'Aatikah at 1 month

Bulatnye mata

Bulatnye badan...heh

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some updates

Sa'eed is now 19 months. Still not really talking, but he understands a lot of things and identifies a pretty good number of things too. But the first word he said that connected with something we understood was 'Kah' in adik 'Aatikah. Sayang betul kat adik. And of course 'Bah' followed naturally. Take your time, son, but not too long ok.

He does a lot of 'house chores' nowadays. Just today he was wiping down the table and the CPU (apakah??) and he vacuumed too. He still eats a ton and poops a ton...hehe, Aunty Odah la yang dok basuh (and reporting how stinky it is). He also has a runny nose and a little cough, so he's banned from kissing adik.

'Aatikah is also doing well. Still a hint of yellow, but not much. She can be put down on the bed without wanting to tot tot for say about 15 minutes (progress!). She has gained about 1.5 kgs and 7 cms. And dah kena sunat...hehe.

Hmm...that was a very short update.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


....dengan T*N*B.

Two nights in a row takde electricity at around 2,3 am-ish. The first night Mr Hubby langsung tak perasan sebab penat baru balik Kuantan kot.

But last night dia pun terbangun. Satu Kg Abu Bakar Baginda blackout kot. Maka calling calling la TNB punye line (yang hampeh itu). I overheard the conversation...tapi tak paham pun. P/E lah, TX lah, GenSet lah...I also dunno what the problem was.

'Aatikah was sweating like crazy, Sa'eed was up and couldn't sleep, so of course we were up too. It was really difficult to feed 'Aatikah in the dark. Nasib baik dia dah pandai. And thank goodness for handphones with light.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Wedding and the Baby

The Wedding

Congratulations to AS and BCL. Too bad I couldn't make it since I was still in confinement. But the rest of my family attended it and they surely had a blast. Kak Sarah promised to update her blog when they get their internet connection so that I can read it and be green with envy. The wedding we got invited to was the one held at KGPA, which if I'm not mistaken was a closed event for friends and family.

AS's (hmmmm) family is a long time family friend. We've known them and his extended family probably for about 15 years. His youngest Aunt (number 16!) was probably the closest one to my arwah mama. AS's mom founded Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam and that was how we got to know them. Plus she had a taska that my sister went to. His whole family is very down to earth and very cool. His dad (who is an Englishman) used to drive around in a Kancil...hehe...what a sight to see.

But anyways, all the best to both of them. BCL kinda looks like my freshman roommate in the States...oh how I do NOT want to be reminded of her and I shall NOT blog about it or I'll be homicidal.

The Baby

My cousin Hana is expecting a daughter any time now. I told her that he baby must be the MOST awaited baby in our family. First of all, she'll be my cousin's firstborn, so memang dah tertunggu-tunggu lah. Then, she's overdue. EDD was 9/11.

Yesterday she felt contractions every 9 minutes, so off to the hospital she went (at 1 am). But since 6 am till evening, she was only dilated 1 cm. We smsed each other during the day and she said that she felt her contractions getting more intense, but bearable tho and still 1 cm. Later that night I smsed her sister to ask her progress. It seems the contractions subsided! Dang. I didn't know that was even possible.

So today will definitely be the day, one way or another. She's 10 days overdue and anything more than that might not be good for the baby. Dr's gonna induce her if nothing happens and hopefully it'll be an SVD (spontaneous vaginal delivery) and not an LSCS (lower segment ceasarian section).

We are praying for you, Aunt Hana!

Hana finally delivered a girly girl on November 19th at 4.27pm, weighing 2.7 kg. SVD...leganya maktok dengar.

Ala putih.

Sekali tengok macam rupa Iffah (Hana's sister) la pulak

Waa...we have a screamer...definitely like Iffah...muahahaha...kidding

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Babies

Sa'eed kissing his little sister

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prolonged jaundice

Lil Miss Cutie Pie

At 3 weeks and 2 days, 'Aatikah is still yellow. Went to the paed today and she said that it should be okay. She might be yellow beyond 1 month and possibly up till 2 months. Reason being? 'Aatikah is a very 'red' baby. Merah satu badan kalau nangis. Lots of red blood cells that break up to form billirubin. Paed also said that we shouldn't worry since it's not dangerous. The dangerous period is between 3 to 8 days. But paed took her blood to check her levels, just in case, and also to make us feel better. We'll only get the results on Monday tho.

Also, paed said 'Aatikah's gemuk...hehe. It's ok tho, since she's fully breastfed. And guess what? Her weight is already at 4.2 kg. Up from 3.35 kg as a newborn. You go girl!

She's also a tough little one. Berapa kali kena tampar dgn si Abang Sa'eed. Buat muka terkejut aje...tak nangis pun. Ish ish abang Sa'eed...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sa'eed at 19 months

Today Sa'eed is 19 months. How time flies!

He now
- likes to run. Sometimes in circles. And sometimes towards 'Aatikah, which can give me a heart attack
- eats like a champ. Just yesterday he ate a clove of garlic, which he took from my plate.
- like to go jalan jalan with anyone (bahaya betul)
- can walk up and down stairs while holding on to things. But he would rather walk down than walk up
- babbles a mile a minute. Non stop. Yet to say comprehensible words.
- likes to vacuum and sweep the floor.
- dances the pop yeh yeh...thanks to Mrs Sister-in-Law.
- can feed himself with a spoon.
- sleeps on the floor. hehe..shian dia. Sorry beb, queen size bed. And last night he rolled under the bed
- likes to throw things...aiyaiyai
- knows how to use the pencil and draw...but not always on the paper provided.
- naps only once a day.

I think that's it for now.

Baby is sleeping...I should be too...toodles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Aatikah at 3 weeks

Monday, November 10, 2008

Interview with Sa'eed

Interviewer (I): So Sa'eed, we heard you got a new little sister.

Sa'eed (S): You got that right.

I: What do you think of her so far?

S: Umm....I think she's ok

I: No, really, what do you think of her?

S: Ok fine. All she does is sleep, cry, tot-tot and sleep again, then cry again then tot-tot again. When I was her age, I was already doing chores, you know.

Ooh...and she poops loudly too. I don't remember pooping as loud as she does. People had to smell the stink to know I pooped..heh

I: Next question, what do you do to show you love your sister?

S: Are you for real? Trick question eh?

I: Hehe

S: Well, I run really fast to her and pretend to want to jump on her. But of course I stop on time. But ummi never thinks I'd be able to stop my self.

Then I kiss her face.

Then I softly hit her...yepp, brotherly love.

I: Oii, that's not very nice. But anyways, do you want more sisters or brothers?

S: Eww.... noooo

No lah. Of course I want more. But not right now. Maybe in 2,3 years? So that I'll have time to buddy buddy with 'Aatikah and perhaps come up with plans on how to gang up on our little brothers or sisters.

I: Thanks for your time, Sa'eed

S: No problemo.

I: Be nice ok.

S: I'll try :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008


My kids' trademark: the kelepet ear

(Feels funny saying my kids)

Sa'eed's right ear

'Aatikah's right ear

Friday, November 7, 2008

Entry by Sa'eed

?";/;lmn ;;; ljkmkvhjh m nh m k .jbu,m ,,l ,.,m,,h h fgkjklmkm';

kkd h i,o.p
'lkiuraa v cvcvv

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Labor

No mommy's blog would be complete without the labor story. Here's mine with 'Aatikah.

I had my regular check up on Saturday, 18th October. During that check up, my gynae said that I was already 1-2 cm dilated. She asked if I felt any contractions and I said yes, but non of that regular ones. So she gave me the option of waiting for the regular contractions or I can admit myself. Of course I opted to wait. The following week was off to the office as usual.

Then on Thursday the 23rd, my gynae said to just come for a check up. But that morning at around 10 am, I felt some contractions. Minor ones, but I thought it came at around 15 minute intervals. So off we went to the gynae with my hospital bag ready. My gynae then confirmed that I was 4 cm dilated already. I visualized that I was already 5 cm to cut things short, but oh well.

We went straight up to the maternity ward to check into the labor room. The nurses were like 'Oh you have to go down to Admission to get a room...yada yada'. Uhh....but I am 4 cm already lah nurse....baru menggelabah derang. As it turns out, I got the same room I delivered Sa'eed in plus the 2 midwifes attending to me were the same ones too.

After Zuhr, at around 1.30pm, I was given the pooping medication and soon after going to the bathroom, gynae came and broke my waterbag. And after that was when the really painful contractions started (and I forgot to trim my nails...eeeep). I opted for the gas and got woozy after inhaling the good stuff. But the gas didn't really take the pain away, just took the edge of the pain off plus it was a reminder to breathe. There were times when I tried to ride the contractions without the gas....hoo boy...bad choice.

But anyways, apparently I wasn't 'properly' dilated and I had to push while laying on my right for a couple of times. After that the midwife said to call when I had the urge to pass motion. I did, and she then said to call again when I felt the baby was about to pop out...pulak dah.

Whatever it is, I had the urge to pass motion AND I felt like baby was coming out. But the midwife said that the head was still high up. Better start pushing her down before the gynae came. Being the good patient, that was exactly what I did. The midwife only called my gynae when baby's head was lodged wherever it should be lodged at. It took some pushes to get there and I was afraid that I won't have energy left to push her out later on since I didn't eat lunch. But I think the ton of kurma I had eaten throughout Ramadhan and also after that really helped.

I think my gynae came at around 4ish and 'Aatikah was out at 4.12pm. Alhamdulillah :)