Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wow...i'm impressed

"entry has been retracted" sapa sempat baca sempat lah ye...heh

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bits and pieces on the little one

Simple things he understands/ can do
- sit, duduk (will sit but stand up again 4 seconds later)
- give it to me, kasi ummi (sometimes)
- bathroom mana? (knows to go to the bathroom when he is naked)
- bye bye (finally!)
- will telan liur if he sees food
- looks for hidden things
- eats on his own (just recently, very very very messy)

Things I would like to find out why
- why is he contented with regular household items such as ladle, metal bowls, tupperwares and empty bottles (attention span longer than when playing with toys)
- why can he sleep quietly during the day but needs to move around 180 degrees while sleeping at night?
- why can he use the straw when drinking exotic drinks but not plain water?
- why must he read upside down?
- why does he have to play with food till it's all berkecai before he actually eats it?
- why is he so very the CUTE??!!!! hahahahahaha

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh my little penan boy

Sa'eed's hair was growing very nicely. His hair is very straight and the fringe grows downwards and no matter how you want to comb it, it will always end up like that, straight down. And of course his hair was starting to get into his eyes and maktok being maktok was worried that it would poke his eyes. So she and my nanny cut it. That was the first phase of transforming into being a penan.

Then yesterday was the 2nd phase. Maktok decided that Sa'eed's hair was bothering his ears. So snip snip went the scissors. By the way, one of her ngaji students was contracted to do the job. I wish I have a picture of what Sa'eed looks like now. But the camera is refusing to work...oh well...this picture below will just have to suffice for now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bye bye

We've been trying to teach Sa'eed to wave bye bye since he was maybe 10 or 11 months. The usual conversation would go like this:

Me: Sa'eed, wave bye bye....bye bye to Ummi. Ummi nak pergi kerja...Bye bye Sa'eed *while waving hand bye bye*

Sa'eed: *blank stare* and crawls off to find his toys.


On Saturday, I went going for a check-up and since Mr Hubby was in Penang, it was just Sa'eed and me. He sat in the stroller since I can't really hold him for too long without breaking my back. While he was sitting there, a lady and her hubby was 'agah'ing Sa'eed. The lady waved and waved to Sa'eed while saying 'hello, hello'.

And guess what? Sa'eed waved back! I was like, eh halo little man, how come you decide to do that now ha? So yes, since then Sa'eed will sometimes wave when prompted. Go figure...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Toys, toys and more toys

For his birthday, Sa'eed received this crane thing from Aunty Fatin and Uncle Amir. He can sit on it to operate the crane and it even comes with a helmet. But his legs are still not long enough, so he can't really reach the floor when he sits on it, so he only plays with the crane while sitting on the floor. It looks something like the top picture, but that's not the actual one.

He also received an 'automobile' from Cousin Idraki and family. He doesn't mind sitting on this one because his feet touches the ground. So I would push him around the house while he bangs on the honk. Or, he would crawl and push the car thing around (is there a proper word for what it's called?).

And on Sunday, I bought him a walker thing. Not the one where he sits in, but he has to stand and push the walker around. At first I bought a cheaper version of it, but when we got home and opened it, turns out that one of the tyres had a crack in it. Drove to OU to exchange it, but lo and behold, the second set also had cracked tyres. So I decided to buy him a slightly more expensive one. But this one was Fisher-Price, it should be more durable.
This was what I bought the first time around. I like this one because you can control the speed of the tyres, plus it was the cheapest one there.

This was what I ended up buying for him. Assembling this one was much much easier since no tools were needed. The first one had tons of screws.
All in all, there's a massive traffic jam in our house now :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This post is somewhat overdue since I had a 4 day workshop and couldn't post anything here. But anyways, Sa'eed, you turned one on Monday April 14. Your parents didn't plan anything special for your birthday bash, not even a birthday cake. It's not like we're cheap parents, but celebrating birthdays in a big huha way is not what both of us are used to.

But I WILL get you a present. This weekend maybe?

Sa'eed likes to:
-crawl at lightning speed..heh
-put things in a container and take them out again
-put the lid on a container (and he presses down hard to make sure it stays)
-give kisses on demand (my favorite...not gonna tell you the secret word tho..haha)
-cruise while holding on to something
-put non-food items in his mouth and put food items on the floor (he would NOT feed himself)
-eat and eat and eat

Note: This must be the lamest birthday wish ever :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

'Old' pics of Sa'eed

Some of Sa'eed's pictures from my phone. Enjoy!

My favorite picture of the little one. He likes to sleep on his side from Day 1. And notice how scrawny he was?

Mr. Cutie Pie

Hehehe...chubby wubby cheeky cheek

Seems like he ate something sour

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fuel subsidies

This is a neverending topic of discussion.

Recently the government announced that they are considering scrapping RON 92 and RON 97 and to introduce RON 95 and RON 99. RON by the way means Research Octane Number. The higher the octane number, the better the fuel...supposedly. The reasoning is to introduce a higher subsidy for RON 95 for the low and medium class income and a lower subsidy for RON 99, meant for the Benz and Beemers.

But come on. What stops people from using RON 95 instead of RON 99? Nothing. What stops them from mixing the two types of fuel? Nothing (You can safely do this, coz only the octane numbers differ).

They have to find a better way to subsidize fuel...or don't subsidize at all. We all love the fact that our fuel prices are on the lower side, but we all have to be more realistic here. It is true that governments are supposed to help their countries, but we have to see a more holistic global picture on this energy issue.

People all around the world are seriously considering renewable energy to prepare for any future energy crisis. But we are still bickering about the prices. Our government needs to move faster in adopting RE in Malaysia. Private companies and GLCs can't move quickly in this field if there is no directive from the government. Why? Because bottom line is economics and the economics of RE don't work without government policies and subsidies. Look at countries like Germany and Spain...they aren't environmentalists for going into RE, they are going into it because they are making money from it!

Reflecting on the previous elections, I think not even one person took the environment to be on the agenda. In some countries, that becomes a deciding factor on whether they get elected or not. Malaysians need to move forward. We can't just keep on thinking about the short term and we definitely need to think more globally.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How true is this...

heh...after reading babybooned's entry on how her hubby was playing around with Sa'eed behind my back, I thought that this cartoon strip from Baby Blues to be quite apt. But honestly, I don't mind if family members (read members only) lambung-lambung or golek-golek with Sa'eed. I don't want the kid to grow up a softy, rough playing here and there is fine.

As long as no accidents occur...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Our BFing journey

Sa'eed will turn one soon (boo-hoooo *tears**tears*). I have been contemplating on stopping to BF Sa'eed. Mainly because it hurts (really hurts) to nurse him. And pumping at work has become annoying because I don't get that much output anymore (3 oz now versus minimum 7 oz then). Thank God for freezer stash :)

But then, what will he get instead? The options are too many it gets my head spinning. There's cow based formula, soy milk or even fresh milk. Then I started thinking of the extra bottles that yours truly will have to wash and clean...not a very fun thought. Plus, I'd probably have to fight a battle with the little one to stop BFing....especially at night.

Some things I'd definitely miss is cuddling with Sa'eed while he nurses (minus the times when he decides to be acrobatic), or just watching him slowly drift into lala land and that precious few minutes I just get to relax because who in the right mind would nurse while doing chores, right? heh...

Then yesterday something happened. Sa'eed crawled off the bed and fell on the floor with a nasty gedebuk sound. I rushed in to see that he fell head first and was yelling...or rather, shrieking quite loudly. Enough to probably wake up the dead. I carried him and held him but nothing worked. He was crying and crying and crying (this is where you sould go awww, shian dia). So I decided to nurse him.

And nurse him I did. He quited (is this even a word?) down instantly. And after about 15 minutes, he was drifting back to sleep. So I thought...this is too easy. Shove it in his mouth and no more cries.

Right there and then I decided. BFing my baby is too precious to be ended. So yeah, Sa'eed's still nursing happily while I wince quietly.