Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Langkawi Pics

As promised, here are some looooong overdue pics from our Langkawi trip. Not a whole lot coz it takes ages to upload. Oh, and these aren't in any particular order.

'Aatikah and Auntie Blossom at the nikah ceremony.

'Aatikah chillaxing at the airport with a bottle of H20

This was at Perdana Quay aka PETRONAS Quay near the cable car ride. PETROSAINS here is free! Since it was a hot day, we decided to hang out at the fully air conditioned place while waiting for 'Asr prayers.

Some waterfall that has lost its mojo because water was trickling instead of falling. Can you spot hubby?

Hmm....asyik 'Aatikah je, mananye gambar Sa'eed nih?

Ah, ni dia Sa'eed...hehe, and I HAD to put an embarassing photo of him first. Oh well...this was him passed out while we were up on Gunung Raya.

Practicing some karate moves on the beach.

Talking to the fish....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring cleaning

Hmmm....my apologies for not updating ever so frequently. Work has become really hectic. Have been going home late more frequently too.

But anyways, job satisfaction is on an all time high, which is good I guess.

This pass weekend was mostly spent outside the house. Saturday morning we went to DSH to get 'Aatikah's 6 month jab...yepp, at 8 months. Then we sent the car for servicing. Or was it the other way around? But anyways, papa loaned us his car and of course we forgot to take the house keys from our car keys. And maktok pun was painting the town red with makngah, so we did the next most sensible thing...headed to makngah's house konon2nye nak tunggu derang balik. Plus, Umairah and family were home. Umairah looks like a carbon copy of her mom, but apparently I'm the only one who sees it...hmmmm...other people claim that she looks a whole lot like her daddy.

At makngah's we got a call from the service center saying that our car was ready, so we picked up the car and went home. Heh...got a call from sister in law asking if we were going to the wedding. Our reaction? Haaaaaa? Whose wedding???? Rupanye it was hubby's cousin, the one we went to Langkawi for. Langkawi was for the bride's side and Saturday was for the groom's aka hubby's cousin's side.

So after Zuhr we headed off to Bandar Tun Razak for the wedding and ended up lost. (But not as lost as someone who wanted to drive to Melaka but ended up going to Ipoh....muahahahahaha. That, my brother, will never be forgotten).

Hmm...Saturday evening was a blur.

On Sunday we went to Ampang for my cousin's kenduri do'a selamat. Baby Noah is so cute! Tido bagai nak rak even though the house was full of activity. 'Aatikah on the other hand was very very very clingy. Fortunately or unfortunately she only wanted ME. If not, she'll start crying her dinosaur tears, her eyes would get all red and she would shriek like there's no tomorrow. Maybe coz she's still recovering from her on and off fever + runny nose.

Came back from the wonderful lunch and relaxed with some Simpsons reruns.

Fabulousmoms.com recently opened up a branch in TTDI and was hoping to visit, but no time yet...even though we drive pass it every single day...heh

Hmm...back to work...oh so much fun dissecting the recently passed American Clean Energy and Security Act...

My little princess

Aiseyh, sorry Sa'eed, ummi nak put your picture also, but tetiba cannot upload. Sorry babe, we don't love you less k :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First word?

Oh yeah baby, the girl is beginning to be a talker like her aunties (on hubby's side...hahaha). Just yesterday she let out her very first word...and it had to be 'bah'. Why can't it be 'ummi' or even 'mi' instead? Sa'eed's first word was 'bah' too.

But anyways, apparently today she's miaowing. Called up the house to ask if her fever has subsided and that's what maktok said. 'Aatikah's miaowing. *slaps forehead*

Will update later on our holiday in Langkawi :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yaaay....insyaAllah tonight we'll be leaving KL to go to ******. This will be the kids' second time on a plane, hopefully everything goes well. We'll be attending a wedding on Saturday, but we extended the stay to Tuesday to maximize the RM 1 Air Asia deal we got (in other words, we were to kedekut to pay extra to come back on Sunday).

Sarah, we promise to not leave Sarip stranded anywhere :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How apt

Source: www.babyblues.com


I always frequent this one particular forum for breastfeeding to see what problems other mommies have and then if I've had the same problem and was able to solve it, I'd give my 2 cents. Or to just get other people's experiences in breastfeeding. But lately I don't go to that forum anymore coz it has started to be quite annoying.

Some new 'forumers' would come in and ask a question such as, why is my pumping output so low or maybe something like what do I do if my baby doesn't take the bottle? and my maternity leave is almost over? All innocent questions and very much a common problem. But then, some experienced forumer will be like, 'oh, we've answered that question before. look it up'. And that pretty much annoys me.

Why don't you just answer the question, if you're too lazy to type coz you've typed it a million times, copy & paste je lah or just keep quite. Not that hard, huh. Come on, even if the question has been answered before, some of the discussions don't really address the problem. Plus, do you expect the person to go through god knows how many pages of discussion.

That is why it's called a forum in the first place. To have healthy discussions and debates. If you expect people to just read through old postings, then just freeze the whole freaking forum.

And I have no idea why I am so sore about this...standard answer: hormones kot.


KANGAR: The Raja Muda of Perlis has advised youngsters not to record sex scenes on their mobile phones.

Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail expressed his concern as there had been many cases of photographs and shocking scenes of youth, especially young women, engaging in sex being widely circulated on the Internet.

He said the scenes were usually recorded by the boyfriends and later used to threaten the women.


Erm…good advise. But shouldn’t the advise be to NOT have sex out of wed-lock?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh my oh my

Guess what?

I can feel a tooth on the little girl's lower gum. Can't see it yet, but can definitely feel it with my finger. Hoooo boy, hopefully she doesn't bite! On another note, she can already sit unassisted fairly well. She can even lean forward or sideways and sit-up properly again.

At this point, I think she's a tad bit more active than Sa'eed when he was at the same age. And I sense it's gonna get more fun around since both of them can interact a bit. Well, Sa'eed does all the goofy acts and 'Aatikah acknowledges it by laughing or looking at him as if he's weird.