Thursday, January 29, 2009



The joys of working in KLCC. Went to Isetan to look at some nice pants to wear at home. I've gone down FOUR..I repeat...FOUR dress sizes!!

I was a 14 before (when I was studying in the States circa 2006) and I'm a 10 now (longgar lagi tuu)...muahahahhahaha

Ke cutting seluar tu besar ek?

But didn't buy anything since I had to rush back to work.


At 3 months, 'Aatikah can:
- Flip over!! Terkezut betul. I'm not quite sure if it was a fluke but she flipped over twice from back to front on Saturday morning. She was just rolling her body and I guess inertia got in the way and she rolled the whole way. Sa'eed didn't even try to flip till he was five months (tapi dia heavyweight sikit...heh)
- Smile. So very the cute! Once, she actually let out a small laugh like haha punye ketawa and that was pretty amusing, but she hasn't done it again. Now it's just cute sighs.
- Call out for people to keep her company. She'd go ai ai ai till someone comes and talks to her. I see a talkative girl in the making....heh
- See things a bit further.
- Hold her head steady when carried upright...but of course ada terlentok.
- Poop loudly!
- Demand to be carried, then demand for the carrier to walk around.

What's the story on Sa'eed, who is 21 months:
- Added some new words: gigi -> we were sitting down and suddenly he went gigigigi and pointed to his teeth, boooo-ah -> but pointing to flowers.
- Doesn't really like milk anymore, not even my EBM. So now we're giving him soya milk plus sometimes we try to give him fresh milk in the small boxes...but oh so not cost effective ok
- Looks like Mawi with his hair-style.
- Can help around with chores. He has vacuumed, tumbuk bawang, swept the floor and load the washing machine...hehe
- Likes to climb more. Once I caught him climbing up the dining table to get a banana.
- Likes to peek out the window and look at the kids play at the playground.
- He runs a lot and trips a lot too.
- Can eat on his own and use a spoon effectively. But of course it gets messy. If he is eating with a spoon, he will bend over till his nose almost touches the plate to get the food in his mouth...and he won't eevn let me lift the plate higher so that he won't have to bend so much.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cheeky Boy!

Just look at the boy's face. I ripped this off of Kak Sarah's flickr....hehe. This was at some pizzaria in Bangi. It was my first time eating out after confinement.

I want food! Where's my food?

Cepatla, I'm hungry. Do I need to look cute before you feed me?

Mmmm...yummy yummy creamy spaghetti.

Happy Happy Happy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I had a workshop at the Convec yesterday with some Mat Salleh consultants. It was of course very boring and I even wrote notes on what to write on this was that boring. But anyways, I dunno what's up with these Mat Sallehs. They tend to look down on us and talk to us like we don't understand english.

At the registration table the lady was talking to me like I was signing up for elementary english classes. Hel....lo.

It was very annoying I tell you. They were loud and they talked slowly. And this one consultant would make it a point to update anyone who's late one-on-one. She would edge up to that person and be like an inch away from their faces to explain what's going on. I could see that my male colleagues were pretty uncomfortable. Kalau minah tu hot, takpe la jugak...hahaha.

One other consultant looked like she had too much botox treatment. But oh well, they're people too, so enough about them.

Later that evening after work, we hauled off to OU coz hubby wanted to buy new shoes for his game today. Punyelah susah nak carik kasut. Asyik takde size aje. But at last he found a pair that he liked. Sa'eed on the other hand has started to tunjuk belang. He would run off and if I catch him and start to drag him away, he would sit on the floor and crouch over. Macam la ummi dia tak kuat nak angkat...heh.

I'm glad 'Aatikah is still at the stage where she can only lie down in the stroller. And she was on her best behavior yesterday. Didn't make much of a fuss and fell asleep on her own in the stroller. It was nice not have to bulldoze through our dinner once in a while.

Oh ye, Sa'eed added one more word to his vocab.

Hehe...sometimes he would leave out the L sound. And he would also say it while watching badminton and volleyball, not limited to soccer. Happy la Abah nye.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sa'eed's new look

Tengah syiok sendiri orang amik gambar dia. This is Sa'eed's new hair-do. I think he looks kinda cute. Not that he wasn't cute before. But all that wispy rempit-like hair was getting annoying during bedtime coz it would tickle my nose.

This is the ONLY picture I have of the kids together. Tak berani I nak amik gambar and not have a free hand to stop Sa'eed from poking, prodding or whacking 'Aatikah. In this picture Sa'eed is shrieking from excitement sbb Ummi dah lama tak snap pictures.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need vs Want

I have a Medela Pump-in-Style Advanced.

The latest model is Medela Freestyle.

I want it. But I don't need it because what I have is just as good. But hoo-boy, do I want it! (org upgrade phone, kita nak upgrade pump)

And I saw this beee-yoooo-tiful Salvatore Ferragamo bag.

The tag is RM4150.



I have more shoes at the office than at home.

crocs - for the commute to and from the office
comfy black shoes - for when I'm in the office
not so comfy heels - wear it to meetings with corporate people, external parties or upper management
ugly slippers - for bathroom visits
thin hotel slippers - for when I don't feel like wearing shoes

Just thought you wanted to know...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bottle refusal drama and misc entries

It's drama drama drama at maktok's house during the day because of 'Aatikah's bottle refusal. She would scream till her face goes red and looks all swollen. And after she calms down, she would scream again if anyone tries to even put the bottle teat at her mouth. So makcik feeds her with a syringe.

But last week on Friday maktok and makcik had a brilliant idea of trying to feed her with Sa'eed's old bottle and seasoned teats. And it worked! She accepted it like a champ. But the weird thing was that since then, Sa'eed refuses to drink milk from his bottle. He would take the bottle, take a swig and give it back. But if it were via glass or cup, he'd be fine. So I dunno, is he just 'growing up' or is it sibling connection? Sa'eed giving way for 'Aatikah to drink from the bottle...

I think it's kinda cute.

As for how is it handling two under two?

Overwhelming at times. Tired at times. Especially when I have to cook or do other chores and at the same time one needs nursing and the other needs butt cleaning. Hubby helps with the butt cleaning and I appreciate that. But of course ada je benda nak kena buat around the house. If you ask me now, how many kids do I want? I'd say two is enough in a heartbeat. But of course once the little girl is not so dependant on me, I'd be wanting to add 5 more...hahaha

And btw, I need to attend some cooking classes during the weekends (masakan melayu, western etc). Know of any places near TTDI/Damansara area? Thanks.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On a mission!

Internet connection is kinda lousy. So I won't get the chance to update this blog as often as I would like. Plus, work gets in the way sometimes..hehe. Anyways, this is dedicated to Gib, who likes to 'tunjuk gigi' (show his teeth). Of course, the conversation is imaginary.

Me: Ok Sa'eed...can you do something for Ummi?
Sa'eed: What is it?
Me: Jom ajuk Gib!
Sa'eed: OK!

Me: One, Two, Three...tunjuk gigi!
Sa'eed: *Griiiiiinnnnn*

Me: Tak cukup tu...tunjuk gigi lagi!

Me: Good job...tunjuk la lagi.
Sa'eed: Penat lah. My muscles need a rest. Ask lah 'Aatikah to do it

Me: 'Aatikah...u up for it?
'Aatikah: No prob, Ummi!

Me: One, Two, Three...tunjuk gigi!
'Aatikah: *grrriiiinnnn*

'Aatikah: Ala Ummi, takde gigi laa....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sa’eed the Chef

Step 1: Find any container

Step 2: Go to Ummi, pretend to be hungry for a snack so that Ummi gives a biscuit or bread to eat

Step 3: While no one is watching, look for various pieces of garlic and onions in the kitchen

Step 4: Get a pencil

Step 5: Proceed to mix biscuit and onions in the container by using the pencil

Step 6: Overturn the container to see what the mixture looks like on the carpet

Step 7: For added effect, drip some water

Step 8: Hear Ummi shriek

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Harro harro

It has been a long time since I've updated this blog. No internet connection at home lorr. But anyways, I'm back at work hu hu

The little girl is refusing to drink out of the bottle. Sengsara nanny dan nyang dia. They're feeding her via syringe now. Hopefully she'll accept the bottle at some point. Kesian dok nangis nangis. Sa'eed on the other hand is being amazingly well bahaved while I'm away. He's eating on his own and sleeps on his own. But of course still ransacking the house.

Comparing both babies, so far it seems that 'Aatikah is more demanding. According to a friend of mine, she thinks girls are more emotional and needs more 'belaian'. Boys can be thrown around (not literally ye) and they'll be fine. And on the TV yesterday Dr Fadzilah Kamsah said that 'anak perempuan senang di didik, susah dijaga tapi anak lelaki senang dijaga tapi susah di didik'. Allahua'lam, each child is different...we'll see.