Monday, August 17, 2009


Sa'eed has been having high fever since Tuesday (~38 degrees) plus runny nose, short, the works. So of course our first thought was H1N1, but alhamdulillah it wasn't. On Saturday, rashes started to appear on his body. So memang confirm, he has measles.

I googled measles and it is actually a virus on the respiratory system. No wonder it is more dangerous for asthmatic and people who have had pneumonia. But what I'm wondering is how come he got it since I did get the MMR jab for him. Come to think of it, I got measles in primary school and I'm pretty sure my parents got the jab for me. Ke zaman dulu2 takde MMR?

Anyways, there are 4 AirAsia tickets with our names on it for tonight. We're leaving for Sarawak today and unfortunately Sa'eed has to be left behind. The rashes are still there and he's probably still contagious. Even if he's not, it's probably not wise for him to be in a virus/bacteria incubator aka airplane since he's immune system is probably quite weak from 5 days of fever and not eating very well.

And did you know that Malaysia currently has about 4 times more deaths (in terms of percentage) as compared to the global average.

Oh yes. It is contained. Don't worry. *rolls eyes*


Sarah said...

my goodness... lama gak demam sa'eed tu. i got measles when i was a baby and no vaccination for me back then. i thot chick pox same as measles but only smaller, eheh.

i read lk.siang's blog post about malaysia's high mortality rate and read the comments, habis govt kena condemn oleh msian citizens who are very disappointed at this situation, who'e not eh. we are so unfortunate. even hong kong with 6k ppl infected, dead ppl where less than 10!

sera_a said...

oh kesian nya saeed. but its good to have measles masa kecik2. so that dia ada good immune system and can fight most of the illness especially bila besar nanti. ramai pesakit yg kena H1n1 are adults and yg teruk because dia jarang2 sakit masa kecik in order to create good immune system. well, thats what the doctor said. hahah.

BabyBooned said...

gosh. get well soon, sa'eed dear.