Friday, May 27, 2011

e-Xra: progress so far

So it has probably a month since I started to teach Saeed read BM. Alhamdulillah good progress.

He has covered a, ba, ca up till za plus nya, nga and sya, plus i and bi. That means he can already read sentences which utilizes those sukukata. For example, he can read 'mama ada kaca mata' or 'Tasya ada labi-labi'

Can't wait to finish the whole module and buy him books for him to practice on :)

On another note, we have finally moved to our new apartment. Next question is probably when is the house warming? Hehe...will need to update on that later.


Luvly Me said...

cepatlah buat house warming.... nak roasted chicken please... tapi jgn bagi Arina offer nak buat LOL