Monday, August 31, 2009

Can you talk toddler language?

Before I begin, Selamat Hari Merdeka! In my opinion, merdeka day is a bit toned down this year. Not a lot of people are as 'semangat' like before. Perhaps coz it's Ramadan plus all the H1N1 virus.

Anyhow, try take a stab at what these words mean to a 26 month old kid (pronounced as spelled): HERE ARE THE ANSWERS
Ee-per : DIAPER
Tee-fee : TV
Aa-ju : BAJU
E-war, like 'enam' : SELUAR

Ok, that's all for now coz someone did a number 2.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post Sarawak

The three of us went to Sarawak and left Sa'eed with his grandparents in Bangi.

Sa'eed didn't cry and didn't even look for us. But he did look for his sister....hmm, he's a grown boy, that little one...boleh masuk asrama dah. haha. Even when we reached home around 1 am from the airport and picked him up from Bangi, the kids were rolling around the bed like little lion cubs. Mak bapak dah pening2 lalat ngantuk, but the kids were wide awake.

Ever since that Sarawak trip, at home, he would look for three people almost daily.

Sa'eed: Atok?
Me: Where's Atok?
Sa'eed: Abisss. Nena?
Me: Where's Nena?
Sa'eed: Abisss. Sha (referring to his Aunty Sha..kalian yang lain jangan jeles ye)?
Me: Where's Aunty Sha?
Sa'eed: Abisss

And if Sa'eed plays with my handphone (or ee-phone as he calls it), the conversation kinda goes like this...

Sa'eed: Kummm....Sha?
Me: Sa'eed cakap dengan Aunty Sha ke? Where's Aunty Sha?
Sa'eed: Work

Hehehe...I'm sure someone's gloating by now.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sa'eed has been having high fever since Tuesday (~38 degrees) plus runny nose, short, the works. So of course our first thought was H1N1, but alhamdulillah it wasn't. On Saturday, rashes started to appear on his body. So memang confirm, he has measles.

I googled measles and it is actually a virus on the respiratory system. No wonder it is more dangerous for asthmatic and people who have had pneumonia. But what I'm wondering is how come he got it since I did get the MMR jab for him. Come to think of it, I got measles in primary school and I'm pretty sure my parents got the jab for me. Ke zaman dulu2 takde MMR?

Anyways, there are 4 AirAsia tickets with our names on it for tonight. We're leaving for Sarawak today and unfortunately Sa'eed has to be left behind. The rashes are still there and he's probably still contagious. Even if he's not, it's probably not wise for him to be in a virus/bacteria incubator aka airplane since he's immune system is probably quite weak from 5 days of fever and not eating very well.

And did you know that Malaysia currently has about 4 times more deaths (in terms of percentage) as compared to the global average.

Oh yes. It is contained. Don't worry. *rolls eyes*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Milestone kah?

I haven't done any miletone updates for so long. So I will attempt to do it as best I can in 10 minutes:


  • He is more vocal now and his vocab is expanding rapidly
  • If he's sitting somewhere quietly, he's probably sticking the stickers from his sticker book somewhere he's not suppose to
  • Loves any type of cars
  • When we are in a parking lot, will stop at each car (unless someone drags him along) to recite the carplate (tapi bukan betul pun...haha)
  • Says Allah when we ask, 'Tuhan siapa?' :)
  • Can say his ABCs if someone guides, but not when he is busy playing with his car

  • Started to warm up to people, but still very cautious (READ: cries her head off)
  • Has begun to be more confident in standing up while having her death-grip on something
  • Yesterday she even let go for a few or maybe a fraction of a second before falling
  • Has 4 teeth. Her top 2 teeth a gapped (like Madonna)!
  • Has superb hand-eye coordination...everything goes into her mouth

Hmm....10 minutes are up. Tapi napa mcm lame (as in lame, not lama) je update? hahaha

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Rons and the Runs

This past weekend we went to Cameron Highlands and stayed at one of T*NB's banglos, which was in tip-top condition. Left home at around 10am for breakfast and headed straight to the Rons. The drive up was quite pleasant. We managed to stop by Kuala Woh and had a mini picnic with Krispy Kremes and a bunch of other junk food.

On the way to the banglo, we went up to Boh's plantation, but we couldn't get down from the car coz it was raining quite heavily. So after resting for a bit and changing drivers (yay I got to drive and as I am typing this I just remembered that my drivers license has expired). We reached the banglo and was later joined by sister-in-law.

Our activities included going up to the peak of Brinchang and climbing up the viewing tower, strawberry picking, tea & scones and visiting the local pasar tani.

The kids behaved well and were bundled up nicely because it was quite cold with the rain and all. Our car also behaved well even tho it threatened to not start a few days prior to the trip.

On Sunday we wanted to leave before dark, but we left at 7pm instead coz we wanted to wait for my husband's parents. And while waiting for them, Sa'eed must've done his number 2 for about 7 times. I think it was the strawberries. The water was pretty cold and I'm sure the boy was rather uncomfortable, so whenever I asked him if he 'uk 'uk-ed, he would reply 'tak' even if he did.

On the way down, it was already pretty dark. While we were on the swervy road, hubs suddenly slowed down almost to a halt. I was sitting in the back with the kids, so I didn't really know what was going on. Suddenly two guys came up to the window and I was like 'drive je laaa, jgn berhenti'. Hubs kept on driving and I turned to look; apparently, there were some tree branches on the other side of the road. I didn't see any cars or motocycles beneath the tree, so I dunno if those 2 guys were honestly in distress or were they plotting to con some people. But in any case, we called Emergency and they connected us to the Fire Department.

We reached home at around 11.30pm and 'Aatikah was wide awake! She was as happy as a clam, proceeded to poke and prod the sleeping Sa'eed when I put her on the bed and climbed all over me when I pulled her closer to me as to not wake Sa'eed up.

So yes, I'm like a zombie today at the office.