Friday, April 29, 2011

I just noticed....

...that the picture I chose for the background of this blog is of Sa'eed when he was at the age where he was learning to walk. Amazing. It has been THAT long since I've changed the background. By saying 'I', I mean my brother...hehe

A lot has happened between then and now. And by a lot, I really mean two additional family members. One wants to be a princess when she grows up, and another is rolling away. Hmm...when do babies start crawling anyways? When you have more than one child (and at less than 2 years apart), you kinda tend to not scrutinize their developments. Experience tells that they will eventually get it and not to get stressed out if they don't hit a certain milestone as what the books tell you (betul tak mummy Adam, Imran, Daniel & lil princess?).

It's not that I don't care about the younger kids' development, but I guess I know that they will learn it, and we should just enjoy the moment. It's just lovely to see the kids do their own thing, at their own pace. And plus you won't get so worked up and start comparing your kid's development to others. I believe that things like rolling over, crawling, standing up, walking, talking are all being inspired by Allah (but of course you'll know when things need some intervention). It's like a foal learning how to walk 10 minutes after it is born.

Once the kids' brain has started to develop further and starts to form rational thought e.g. knows how to make a choice between blue and red toy, then you can slowly start to point them into the right direction like etiquette, ABCs etc. With that, I think I have to set some goals and action plans for the kids. Hopefully we'll be able to reach them.

Be able to read Malay/English by 5 (he just turned 4)
Be able to read Qur'an by 6 (he is beginning Iqra' 2 right now)

Potty trained by 3.5 (she will be 3 in October)
Be able to read Malay/English by 5
Be able to read Qur'an by 6

Honey, you do what you gotta do, we'll discuss your KPIs when you're a bit older ok :)

Are these goals too lofty or are they too weak? I remembered learning how to read muqaddam coz I was probably at Standard 1 by then. But I definitely cannot recall how I learned to read.

Oh and maybe we should start some organized extracurricular activities like horseback riding or swimming for them. Or perhaps they are too young?