Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oh goodness

Great...a summary post for 2010 and you don't hear from me anymore. And April is almost over (dah file your taxes?). It has been quite an eventful year so far. TWO hospital stays, almost 3 weeks of MC for yours truly here.

Very weird...I was healthier (Alhamdulillah) last year when I was carrying Umaamah in my tum. Manage to not get H1N1 although everyone else got it, MC boleh kira sebelah tangan. But this year is a totally different story. Dengan random demamnye, sore throat, conjunctivitis etc. Really need to boost up the immune system.

Umaamah is 8 months already and she's currently around 9kg :) These kids are chubby and healthy when they are babies, but once they start moving around, they seem to get taller, eat more, yet don't gain that much weight. 'Aatikah for one was 11kg for the longest time. I think now she's around 12-13 kg and Sa'eed is around 15 kg.

'Aatikah alhamdulillah is doing well. But everytime she gets a fever, I get really worried. Need to check those lungs, make sure they're ok. So far so good. She's in high spirits, screams for fun, but can randomly cry for the tiniest reason e.g. Umaamah ter-pull her hair.

Sa'eed is such a big brother. Loves his sisters to bits...and apparently I shouldn't have any boys anymore because boys can only be the 'abang', cannot be the 'adik'. He loves to play and entertain Umaamah. And I can tell Umaamah somehow prefers her brother. I think coz 'Aatikah can sometimes be very loud and can't control her strength.

In terms of progress in school..alhamdulillah Sa'eed now knows how to pray and also recite the do'as during the different movements e.g. rukuk, sujud etc. He knows his al-Fatihah, can give the iqaamah plus can answer the azan. But he's not too confident in giving the azan. He has also started to read Iqra' book 2. And plus I can trust him to teach the right things to 'Aatikah, coz she's still in the stage of 'main belasah je'.

Ok...that's all for now. You can put your bets on when the next updates will come by.

The ever smiling Umaamah

Sa'eed and 'Aatikah doing what also I dunno

Having a good laugh...

Yepp...Umaamah can join in the fun already. Please excuse the not so decent Habib Jewels catalogue...